Sri Chinmoy 1931 – 2007

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy, my spiritual teacher, and the inspiration of this blog passed away yesterday, October 11th 2007. He was aged 76, and was fully active until the moment of death.

Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to the service of others and striving for a world based on harmony, peace and understanding.

Press Release on the Passing of Sri Chinmoy

At the moment, it is hard to put in words the gratitude I feel for his remarkable example and inspiration.

His death was quite unexpected, and naturally he will be missed by his many friends, and disciples.


This is an article I wrote recently, – Should we be afraid of death?


There will be a temporary break in posting to this blog.

5 thoughts on “Sri Chinmoy 1931 – 2007”

  1. He is physically dead. But, his spirit still lives in our hearts. Loved your blog. Added to my blogroll.

  2. Your site is really amazing man. How do you come up with quality content frequently ? I think it deserves more exposure and I just did my part. 🙂

    Long live Sri Chinmoy and Tej !!

  3. Hi Tech Roach,

    Thanks for your kind comments. I appreciate them.

    The blog is quite new (2 months) so it is nice to be getting increasing exposure. Hopefully it will continue to grow

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