Tips for Dealing with Money

It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil, but money is also an inescapable reality of life. Money can definitely create tension, worry, and put even the best friendships under strain. But, money is essential component of life, and if used properly it can be a force for good and contribute towards our happiness.

How can we learn to have a good attitude to money?

  • Money is a means to an end. It can be used for good purposes or it can be put to bad purposes. In this sense money is neutral – it is up to us to use it in a divine way and not misuse it.
  • If money is used in an appropriate way, it can contribute to our happiness. However, the unbridled pursuit of money will definitely cause us lose sight of the most valuable aspects of life – such as, cultivating inner peace and good relationships with others.
  • If we sacrifice our principles and sense of value, what is the use of money? We have to remember what gives us a true sense of happiness. The real happiness comes from being true to our self, to be self-giving and offer happiness to others. If we have to betray these ideals to gain money, then at best the money will buy us a false happiness.
  • Don’t worry! Money is probably the biggest cause of worry in modern life. Often it is the richest people who worry the most. The more we gain, the more we stand to lose. Learn to let go of worry – worry doesn’t help in anyway only makes us more tense. If you have real difficulties, just see what practical steps you can take. If you have a reasonably good financial situation, just enjoy it! Continue reading “Tips for Dealing with Money”