Overcoming dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction is a universal human trait. But, sometimes we are not always aware how easily we can become frustrated and dissatisfied – it becomes a habit.

True, from one perspective there may be a certain justification in our dissatisfaction. But, the real spiritual life is to avoid dissatisfaction – to accept the world as it is and see the world through loving eyes.

I came across this poem by Sri Chinmoy.

Here on earth I feel
Everything is wrong,
Everything is imperfect,
Everything is undivine
If it is not totally to my liking.
Such being the case,
How do I dare
To think that Heaven
Will be to my liking?
The dissatisfaction-tiger in me, alas,
Is infinitely more powerful
Than the perfection-power
That poor Heaven embodies.

  • Sri Chinmoy, FF:2585

It is an important poem because when we are full of dissatisfaction, we think that it is the outer world which is wrong and needs to change. But, in this poem, Sri Chinmoy challenges us to be aware that if we see dissatisfaction everywhere – perhaps we will even see dissatisfaction in Heaven.

Some say that the afterlife is very much a continuation of this life. If we are judgemental, dissatisfied and frustrated, moving to a different plane or location will not solve anything. Like moving from one country to another, we can’t expect our problems to be magically solved by going somewhere else.

However, if we can learn to live and accept the superficial imperfection we see all around and instead see the underlying beauty of life, then wherever we go – then we can create our own Heaven on earth.

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