Simple and Practical Ways to Live a Better life

    hold fast


    • Listen to the promptings of the heart a little more, and listen to the complaints of the mind a little less.
    • O my mind,
      You talk too much!
      Do follow my heart
      That lives in silence.

      – Sri Chinmoy

    • Value Inner Peace above all other desires. – If we have inner peace we will be content no matter how many material possessions we have.
    • Be a good listener. Don’t always talk about Yourself.
    • Don’t expect from other people. If you expect from other people you will be disappointed at some time.
    • Be willing to do things without demanding recognition. It is only the ego that wants recognition.
    • Think of others more than you think of yourself. Self-giving is the secret of happiness.
    • Avoid acting or speaking when angry or upset. If you wait your mood will improve and you will avoid regretting it later.
    • Be Tolerant of Others. People are trying in their own way to do the right thing.
    • Don’t try and do two things at once. If you are with someone, give your whole attention to them, – don’t be planning how to pay your gas bill.
    • Don’t Try to Impress Others. There is no need.
    • “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.”

      – Lao Tzu

    • Don’t Be Jealous. Feel other people’s success as your own.
    • If you make a mistake don’t dwell on it. Resolve not to repeat it, then forget all about it.
    • Don’t be inflexible – Be Willing To Change.
    • Keep fit. Don’t neglect the body. Being active helps to avoid lethargy and boredom.
    • Don’t count your Happiness through material accomplishments. Happiness is everyone’s birthright, no matter what our outer prosperity.
    • Success is not the key to happiness.
      Happiness is the key to success.
      If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

      – Albert Schweitzer

    • When you act. Act with enthusiasm. It never helps to be half hearted.
    • Love what you Do. – Even if it is the smallest of actions.
    • Do Not Give up! See obstacles as opportunities to transcend yourself.
    • Spend some time in solitude for reflection and meditation.
    • Live in the Present Moment
    • Life can be found only in the present moment.
      The past is gone, the future is not yet here,
      and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment,
      we cannot be in touch with life.

      – Thich Nhat Hanh

    • Do not Feel you are indispensable. This creates feelings of pride.
    • Offer Your Goodwill to others. But, don’t feel responsible for the problems of other people.
    • Replace a negative Thought with a positive Thought.
    • Smile. – Smile sincerely and many of your illusory problems will disappear.
    • Be Patient with yourself and understanding of others.
    • Value the beauty of simplicity.
    • If something is worth doing, it is worth doing now. Don’t Delay and procrastinate.
    • Never underestimate the beauty and power of gratitude
    • “A Moment of gratitude
      My entire day.

      – Sri Chinmoy

    17 thoughts on “Simple and Practical Ways to Live a Better life”

    1. One of my favorite poems is

      Look to this day!
      For it is life, the very life of life.
      In its brief course
      Lie all the truths and realities of existence:

      The joy of growth,
      The splendor of action,
      The glory of power.

      For yesterday is but a memory,
      And tomorrow is only a vision;
      But today, well lived, makes every yesterday
      a memory of happiness,
      And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
      Look well, therefore, to this day!

      Thank you for adding to my favorites.

    2. I have been down a bit because of not doing things I should have done. I was overwhelmed with guilty feeling and was not able to forgive myself. Your post helped me to see through this and move on for a better today, than to think about the bad yesterday. Thanks a lot for the post. This has made a change for me.

    3. The third point. Don’t expect from other people. If you expect from other people, you will be disappointed. This is socially crippling. Every relationship has needs and expectations so for us to not have expectations would require us to not build meaningful relationships. I lived my life this way for many years, trying to not having expectations of others or myself, and found I couldn’t develop meaningful relationships and I was always disappointed with myself. I became a lonely man.

      The solution for me….. ACCEPT DISAPPOINTMENT. Don’t be so hard on others for disappointing you. Don’t be so hard on yourself for disappointing others and accept the disappointment. Don’t scrap relationships or change expectations because of a little disappointment. Hang on to the valuable relationships and help nurture the person you are, by accepting our disappointment and accepting that we will fail our expectations and the expectations of others. It’s o k. to feel disappointment. Let the feeling come in and pass.


    4. This was a wicked read and that added poem… great page! actually does help when you think logicially about all them in depth…whoa

    5. We tend to have subconcious expectations from the relationships that we make even if we try not to have one…thats the basic nature of relationships…i agree with scott…ACCEPTANCE…is what we need….we should learn to be grateful even for those disappointments and the unanswered prayers….because those are the means….the end is something else..!

    6. There are lots of insightful ideas of how to live a better life. “Do Not Give up! See obstacles as opportunities to transcend yourself.” is of great importance. This is how I am and want to stay. One more idea I have about the topic is: Dare more!

    7. Thaks all. I enjoyed all the comments. Really it helps me to acquire some benefits out of remarks. Today I am feeling my blues. So I try a site for having some inspirational quotes or write up. Bye.

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