Improving your Meditation


1. Music for Meditation.

If music is soulful and peaceful it brings our soul to the fore. When we hear soulful meditative music our inner being begins to aspire for a deeper and more meaningful reality. This aspiration to reach a more fulfilling, expansive consciousness is the real secret of meditation. When we have a burning inner flame then our meditation technique becomes of little importance. When we are inwardly aspiring for peace, light and joy our soul meditates spontaneously on our behalf. Music can definitely awaken our slumbering inner spirit.

“Each time we hear soulful music, we get inspiration and delight. In the twinkling of an eye, music can elevate our consciousness.” (1)

– Sri Chinmoy

Music for meditation can give us real inspiration but we should make sure the music is composed and played in a meditative consciousness. If the music creates restlessness and excitement then this will not help in any way our meditation.

2. Meditate on Nature.

Nature embodies a dynamic peace. The beauty, expanse and scale of nature are very conducive to meditation. The Spiritual Master Sri Ramakrishna told his disciples to always meditate when they came across an expanse of water. Water signifies consciousness and purity; this consciousness and purity are the essence of meditation. If we can meditate at the ocean’s edge we will also feel a sense of infinity and expanse. It is hard for the human mind to conceive of concepts like infinity and immortality, but when we see the ocean stretching into the distance we can definitely be inspired by this concept of infinity.

3. Meditate with an adept of Meditation.

If we can have the opportunity to meditate with a real expert in meditation we will definitely feel something in their meditation. When we meditate in the presence of a real Spiritual Master we can benefit from the peace and light that they bring down. If we do not have the opportunity to meditate in the presence of a living spiritual master we can meditate on the photo of some Teacher, whom we have the utmost faith. If the photo was taken during meditation the picture will embody a meditative consciousness. If we can enter into this meditative consciousness it will bring our own inner meditative power to the fore. This consciousness is the secret of meditation.

4. Meditate with others.

If we meditate in a group with other like minded people who enjoy meditation we will gain increased inspiration and confidence in the power of meditation. If we only meditate on our own it can feel like we are battling against the world. However when we meditate in a group our own meditation will be heightened because we benefit from the meditative consciousness that occurs in a group meditation.

5. Regularity.

If we meditate on a regular basis then we will gain an increased meditative capacity. We should not be in a hurry to judge our own meditation. If we feel we have meditated badly and start feeling we are hopeless then we will definitely lose inspiration. Instead we should feel that each time we meditate there is a golden opportunity to feed our inner being. Even if we don’t feel as if we are making much progress, we should remember that each time we meditate, we are taking an important and necessary step to improving our own meditation.


(1) From: Music: God’s Universal Language by Sri Chinmoy

Photo Credit: Sharani Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

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  1. your words flowed like music and created a calm and meditive state of mind for me, amidst a stressful and hectic office environment. Thank you.

  2. thank you for the useful information, which i will use in the near future. Thanks to you i now know how to control my self and my anger.

  3. Meditation has brought a drastic transformation in my perspective towards life, I think its as necessory as eating and sleeping. It’s a food for the soul.

  4. I am very happy to seacrh this blog & it really help people to go right direction

  5. The Magic of meditation is feeled by your words itself.. i too love to meditate in calm and vibrant place, with an inspiring flow of music… it gives more pleasure.

  6. hi,
    i am inspired by those who did meditataion.i startedbreathing meditation.anybody send me the next level of meditation

  7. I really struggle to find time for meditation. There is always a distraction or something that I have to get done. Plus I’m at school most of the day.

    Any solutions or alternatives?

  8. wow. truly inspirational words! i try to meditate each day and each time i do it i feel relaxed and calmed. meditation is a lifting gift that we should all appreciate, a very magickal and enchanting blog. thanks for the wise advice. good energies are coming your way! blessed be, jenny.

  9. love the information on meditation everybody should learn to medatate an the world would be a more loving an peacful place.

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