Where is Your Life Heading?

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Are you heading to nowhere in particular ? Do you think where you will be in 5 years and get depressed at the thought?

These are some suggestions on how to look anew at the direction of your Life.

Are You doing what other people want you to do?

Either consciously or unconsciously we place great value on the expectations and peer pressure of other people. This may be our friends, families or just society. This kind of peer pressure can be very confining; it limits our aspirations and actions. However, there is no guarantee that what society expects from us is what our soul wants to do. Great innovators and thinkers have to go beyond the narrow confines of society. Never feel guilty for following your inner instincts and inner voice. If people disapprove, so be it. It is a mistake to our life be dictated by the aspirations of other people.

Do you have a sense of dissatisfaction?

Does life feel a constant grind, with limited chance for satisfaction? If there we have no newness in life, dissatisfaction inevitably comes. Avoid repeating the same old routines, especially if they offer no chance for creativity or personal satisfaction. Don’t be resigned to a life of boredom and negativity. Look to re-energise your life.

Do you feel Limited by Your Circumstances?

When things don’t go well; when we have a sense of dissatisfaction – we tend to blame society and external circumstances beyond our control. However, if we spend our time complaining and blaming other people, we become helpless and hopeless. Whatever hand fate deals we should not feel this is our final destination. We can shape and mold our destiny, we just have to be willing to take responsibility for our lives.

“I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Do you have unfulfilled Dreams and Ambitions?

I know a few people in their 30s and they say. O I’ve made the wrong choices. I’ve lost my chance to do what I wanted. They are the best side of 40 and they already talk as if their life is over. If you have not followed your dreams, why not start doing it now? The fact that when we were young, we choose a different path doesn’t mean we should resign ourselves to this fate. There is no reason why we cannot change course. Take time to think what would really inspire you; what are the things you would like to do; who would you like to become? There is nothing more important that working out your inner and outer priorities. When you know what you would like to do, what is to hold you back?

Are You Stuck in Bad Habits.

Quite often, the main reason for heading nowhere in particular, is the fact we are stuck in bad habits. These are habits that limit our perspectives and outlook on life. The problem is that after a while, we feel that these habits have become part of ourself. Because we associate ourselves with our habits, we feel powerless to change them. However, it is possible to take a new direction; with determination we can free ourselves from bad habits.

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7 thoughts on “Where is Your Life Heading?”

  1. Great article, Tejvan. Many a times, people tend to look outside for answers to their purpose in life. When in fact, whatever they want and need to know, is all right inside of them.


  2. Great article Tejvan, and thanks for the link love.

    When I wrote “5 Signs You Are On Autopilot” I didn’t expect such of a response. But the article exploded, even featuring on Lifehacker. There are many, many people who would answer “yes” to these questions, so hopefully they come across this article! I have given it a stumble to help this happen 🙂

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  4. your article is wonderful. Esp.the part ‘R u doing what other wants u to do’ actually 1 of my friend wants to become batminton player but she says me always that she can’t convince her parents at…. so she will start at her aim after she completes her education but i don’t think it as a possible one ,bcoz she should start her coaching fromher childhood itself ?what can you say at this?

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