How To Get Up Early in the Morning


To get up early in the morning is a real boon. Nearly everybody would appreciate more time; after all, most things are more useful than sleeping. However, to get up early in the morning is not always easy especially if we are used to lying in. As as a student I got into the habit of sleeping in, waking up and then going back to snooze for ‘just’ another half an hour. However, that the extra half an hour doesn’t give you any more energy; it can even make you feel more lethargic.

If we are determined to get up early we can consider the following tips:

1. Set the alarm at a regular time each day.

The body is a creature of habit, if we develop the routine of getting up at a certain time, then it becomes easier and more natural to wake up at our target time. If we are not used to waking up early it may be a shock to the system; however, it is important to persevere and continue getting up at this time – even at the Weekends. By getting up at the same time each day it helps to set the body clock. If we are lucky there may come a time when we spontaneously wake up early.

2. Be Careful with the Snooze button.

It is better to set the alarm and get up at that time. If we keep pressing the snooze button it becomes difficult to get up. When we lie in bed, hoping to get an extra 10 minutes rest, we are not actually sleeping. The longer we doze, the more difficult it becomes to get up. One trick is to put the alarm clock at the far end of the room. This means to turn it off you actually have to get out of bed – don’t make it easy to go back to sleep.

3. Be Motivated to get up.

The key to getting up early in the morning is our desire to get up early. If we are really motivated to wake up at a certain time, we will not let the mind create excuses for going back to sleep. It is worth making a list of things we can do early in the morning. Early morning can be productive because the environment of the house is usually a bit quieter. Whatever your personal list maybe, it’s probably better than sleeping in. If we really value the benefits of getting up early we will make it happen.

4. Reinforce the time just before sleeping.

Before you goto bed at night repeat to your mind the intended time of getting up. If you really focus on a particular time such as 6.00am it can influence the subconscious mind. When we repeat the time several times, it becomes a powerful mantra to help us get up at that time.

5. Go to bed when Tired.

Just because you want to get up earlier doesn’t mean you have to go to sleep earlier. Quite often we sleep more than necessary. It is better to only go to sleep when we feel tired. If we go to bed early when we are not tired, we will just waste time trying to sleep; this will not help getting up in the morning.

6. Stretching.

On waking up it is a good idea to get straight out of bed and undertake a few stretches or light exercise. By stretching we help the circulation of blood, it can make us feel less dozy and will discourage us from going straight back to sleep. It has been suggested that taking a cold bath or shower will also be of tremendous benefit in waking up; however, the author of this article cannot personally vouch for this method.

7. Trick the Mind.

Many people say it is easier to get up in the morning during the summer months. If this is the case try to make your room an inviting place to wake up. If it is really cold, use an instant heater to turn on as soon as you wake up. Also, when you wake up, turn on several lights – for greater effect try using natural sunlight bulbs. If the room is warm and light, diving back under the covers will be less attractive.

Getting up early in the morning may be difficult at first; however, if we persevere we will really appreciate the extra time it creates. To get up early the most important thing is to value its benefits. If we are really determined to get up early we will fight the lethargy of the body, and make sure we actually get up when the alarm clock goes off.

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13 thoughts on “How To Get Up Early in the Morning”

  1. For me, I’ve found the absolute best way to get up early is to set a bedtime. To get up early, it’s important to not be doing computer/TV based activities for at least 1 hour prior to bed time.

    So for a person who goes to bed at 1am, first step is to log off by 12am at the latest. Do that for a few weeks, then ratchet that down to 11:45pm.

    After a while, the person who used to be a night owl will naturally start to wake up earlier and earlier without much resistance to the process.

  2. It has to be number 3 for me.

    The drive for wanting to achieve something has to be greater then staying in bed.

    I tend to get up a couple of hours before the rest of the family and do my own thing!

    Start with just 30 minutes – go on try it.


  3. two perhaps helpful tricks.

    Music -CD Player that have wakeup function.(35 $ )

    Light -digital time switcher on a light. (10 $ )

    Richard / Germany

  4. I have never been an early riser and although I had to get up early for work recently now I am unemployed again I stay in bed all morning. I have plans and goals I need to work on but the inertia always seems to win out. I found everyones advice useful and its good to know its not just me.

  5. early bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. where their is a will their is a way.

  6. I find that no matter how early I get to bed I still can’t wake up up early (5am) in the morning. Am I doing something wrong

  7. i get up 6.00 am in the morning and brush teeth and bath.
    6.30 dressup, take breakfast and take lunch box water bottle and 7.30 i go to school.

  8. The will to get up ealy is the key. Will has to be very very strong. Ask yourself, do you really love your morning 2 hours sleep better than hurting your self esteem by 1) Not keeping up your promise of getting early that you made to yourself 2) Feeling ashamed to reach office late (although nobody shouts at you) 3) Are your career goals are valuable enough than that stupid sleep of 6 to 8 in the morning! Hate yourself if you cant get up..!!!

  9. i get up early in the morning 4.00 o ‘o clock and i touch the ground after that i got freshed and
    i wash the face and I brush the teeth and i took bath and i went to rambag
    and i took excersize and i went to computer center

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