Slow Down Fast!

A man was going to visit his father-in-law’s to see his wife. Before going to the station, he tried to tidy up many loose ends such as pay outstanding bills cutting the grass and taking back some faulty goods. By the time he had finished his tasks, he was getting very late, so he started to frenetically wave down a taxi. After a few minutes a taxi arrived, and wanting to avoid missing the train, the man offered a $10 tip to the taxi driver if he would drive extra fast. With the taxi speeding as fast as it could through the crowded streets, he got to the train station just a few minutes before the train was due. He ran to the ticket counter and shouted.

“A ticket to my father in laws”

“But, where is the place you are going to?

“O my father in law’s place, Please! Please! Quick!”

“Just tell me the name at once”

“I am telling you, my father in law’s place. For God’s sake, quick! the train is about to start!”

And the train started, leaving the man behind.

It may seem an obvious mistake to make, but maybe something like this could be happening to us all.

  1. Making Life Stressful by trying to do too many things in a short space of time
  2. If we are rushing around, we get less things done. If we take things one at a time with an attitude of calm focus, we become a lot more productive. When we fill our lives with numerous bits and pieces we lose perspective.
  3. It is easy to miss the warning signals. We don’t listen. The man was asked for his location; but, he was so worried about being late, he couldn’t answer the simple question.
  4. Life is supposed to be Simple. It is we who make it complicated.


Photo By Pranlobha, Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

2 thoughts on “Slow Down Fast!”

  1. Oh so true Tejvan. We can so often be distracted by what appears to be urgent and yet miss what is important. It is good advice to stop, take a breath and slowly consider what is most important and needs to be done next.


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