How to Deal With Problems

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Problems cannot be avoided in everyday life. When we do not have difficulties, the human mind has a tendency to create extra problems. To deal with problems that arise we should not seek to avoid them. We need to look at them as an opportunity to improve our nature. By overcoming problems we can strengthen our will and learn valuable lessons.

Here are some tips for dealing with problems:

1. Don’t Feel Miserable

The existence of a problem does not mean we should feel miserable or guilty. True, the problem may be the result of our previous mistakes, but, regretting the past will not help us deal with the issue at hand. Also, quite often problems arise through no fault of our own. To feel guilty for problems created by others is to make a double mistake.

2. Opportunity not a Problem

Often what we see as a problem is really an opportunity to learn something or overcome a certain weakness. We will never invite problems into our life, but if we are able to have the right attitude we realise that by overcoming them we can learn something quite valuable.

Our goal is not to have
A problem-free life.
But to conquer all the problems
As they appear
Along our life-road.

Source: No Unreachable Goal, by Sri Chinmoy

3. Be Resolute

If the problem is stemming from other people, we have to be steadfast in not allowing the problem to enter into us. We should try to build an invisible barrier to stop the negativity entering into us. For example, if others are very stressed, they will subconsciously try to pass their anxieties onto us. If we are not strong these anxieties will enter into us. However, if we can detach ourselves from their worries and stress we will remain unaffected.

“Courage consists in equality to the problem before us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. Imagine the solution.

If we just concentrate on the problems facing us, we will become depressed and our focus will be on the magnitude of the problem. In this state of mind it becomes an uphill battle to solve the problem. To conquer a problem we need to focus on the solution. Therefore, we need to retain a positive attitude and take practical steps to work out a solution, step by step.

5. Change Our Attitude

Quite often certain problems keep repeating themselves. These problems are the result of our inner and outer attitude. For these perennial problems we need to create a new perspective. It is insufficient to try and avoid these problems or respond with our habitual response. If appropriate take the advice of other people. This will help you to step back and look at the problem from a different angle. The important thing is to change our mindset. As Albert Einstein said:

“A problem can not be solved with the same consciousness that created it.

Problems only disappear when we conquer the problem at the root. The root cause is our thought and perspective.

6. Don’t rely on Potatoes

“It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.”

– Douglas Adams

Humour can be an effective antidote to many problems of the mind. If we have small concerns and worries try to smile and laugh. – It may just be the best solution

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25 thoughts on “How to Deal With Problems”

  1. simply saying thank you, because i got an answer for my problems ……… thank you very much

  2. thnx for suggestion,i understood that problems come with solutions but we need to handle properly

  3. this article is excellent!
    William James said “Attitude is more important than facts”.
    We as human being can alter our life by alter our attitude towards life.
    life will give pain but suffering is optional.
    I believe life without problems has no meaning.
    We need to see opportunity in problems and not problems in opportunity.

  4. A million thanks to this article…now I considered my problems as a new challenges in my life…my life would be boring w/o this ‘challenges’…it helps me realized that problem is not really a problem it is just a simple way of showing how strong i am, how much faith do i have for HIM….God won’t give us a cross to carry if HE knows we can’t handle it…

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