Managing Time Effectively


In modern life, time seems to weigh down on us; sometimes time passes laboriously slowly. At other times we have too little, leading to a frenzy of hectic activity. How do we get the right balance and make time work for us, rather than being a slave to the clock?

Create Your Schedule.

“To choose time is to save time.”

Francis Bacon 1

Often we slip into a mood of passive resistance. We don’t have much clear plan so we start to surf the internet, or channel hop. We go from one site to another because it is mildly interesting, mildly humorous. Before, we know it we have got sucked into an experience of reading much information, but, not really doing anything constructive or valuable. At each moment, we can inwardly decide what is the best thing to be doing – and then do it wholeheartedly. This doesn’t mean we become productivity zealots, always achieving something. No, we may just want to relax or appreciate some simple activity. The point is that if the best thing is relaxation, we should do it wholeheartedly and not be holding onto things we ought to be doing in the future.

Don’t Wish you Were Somewhere Else.

You can spend all your life wishing you were somewhere else or doing something better. But, once we start on this track it is hard to ever be satisfied. To really gain the secret of inner peace, we need to learn to be content where-ever fate puts us. The secret is to take whatever we do and give it our full attention and priority. If we do even mundane things with the right attitude we can be happy.

Every Second Counts.

“A moment’s love
Can and shall
Make the world perfect.”

– Sri Chinmoy 2

Every second, every moment can be sacred. We don’t need to be in a temple or on a mountain. The world needs our good will and positive vibrations, exactly where it is most difficult. We can offer goodwill to anyone, in any place. We don’t have to wait for a nice, inspiring person. It is easy to offer good will to these people. If we can offer good will to those who are unloved and unappreciated (and not particularly nice people) we will make a huge difference to both ourselves and other people. Each second is an opportunity to do something worthwhile. If we look upon time in this light, we will make better use of it.

Avoiding Stress

“Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side. “

~ The Talmud 3

Modern life make it easy to be stressed. Many people feel they have too many demands on their time. It becomes difficult to keep on top of the competing pressures. First we have to be easy on ourselves. Don’t try to be superman or superwomen, we can only do a certain amount. People will have to accept that. We shouldn’t feel guilty because we are unable to keep up the appearances of having a second subtle body to multitask… The best way to avoid stress, is just to take the most pressing issue and do it as best you can, when that is completed, move on to the next issue which needs dealing with. At least this way, you have started prioritising and you are working on one thing at once. Often by creating a plan and workflow it becomes more manageable and you can actually get more done.

Time to Yourself.

Every second counts, so can we really justify spending 30 minutes in absolute calm and stillness? Of course! If we really want to create time for ourselves, we will find it is definitely possible. It is a liberating experience to set time aside for meditation or moments to yourself. It gives a greater balance to your life and gives the necessary inner peace to deal with the outer world.

Photo By Pranlobha, Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

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  1. Hah! How true that so many people waste years of their lives trying to be someone else, living someone else’ lives and goals. Sheeesh! It’s just lost time and being lost in life, that’s what it’s all about.

    Hopefully, more people WILL READ all these great tips to managing time. Because it’s also about managing one’s life. This sure is helpful and wise.

    Keep it up! Keep posting, tejvan!


  2. The day has 24 hours. There is not more and not less. Choose to do what is important to you. And keep some time for yourself. But, right, too many people are constantly in a hurry and don’t get themselves take time to think about what is essential in life.

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