Tips for Meditation

Recently, I offered a few meditation exercises. For those interested in meditation, these are a few practical tips that I have felt worked for me during the past 11 years of meditating every day.

Great Power in Group Meditation.

Meditation is about consciousness. If other people are aspiring to the same meditative consciousness it becomes easier for you to be receptive to it. If you are  in New York Times Square, meditation will feel practically impossible. Of course, when we are very advanced, we will have the ability to meditate anywhere, but, in the beginning we should take any help we can get. In the beginning we will make more progress by meditating in sacred spaces and with others who are experienced in meditation.

Feel Thoughts as Separate from Yourself.

In the beginning it is very difficult to stop thoughts coming. But, you can feel thoughts as separate from yourself. Feel that each thought is coming from outside, and you can be like a gatekeeper allowing or stopping them. For a while, thoughts will keep coming into your mind. But, when you start to feel thoughts are separate to your real existence, they lose half their power. It is this feeling of separation from your thoughts that enables you to finally silence the mind.

It is not Like Turning on a Light Switch.

Meditation is a gradual process. You can’t expect instant enlightenment. It requires constant vigilance and practise. But, sometimes when you least expect it, you will be able to go much deeper than ever before.

Soulful Music

Meditation is a sacred activity. It is an awareness of a divine consciousness. Anything that turns the mind to loftier thoughts and experiences will help us in our meditation. We need to feel an aspiration to grow into something more fulfilling and illumining. Soulful music or writings by Spiritual Masters and great seekers can give us that inspiration to delve deep within.

Try a Different Place

We are used to living and identifying with the mind. The nature of the mind is to think, judge and separate. These qualities of the mind are the opposite to true meditation, so if you have difficulty quietening the mind, try focusing on the heart. You have to put your whole attention and concentration on this place in the centre of your chest. Try to feel that your whole existence has become your heart.

Don’t Judge Your Meditation

It is easy to become frustrated that our meditation is not progressing as we would like. Don’t hold onto expectations of certain experiences, concentrate on being in the present moment without judgement. If we are drawn to meditation every day, this alone is a good sign. Don’t give up just because one morning it was difficult; just try again at a more conducive time.

“When you meditate, please do not expect anything either from yourself or from God. You will be able to make the fastest progress if you do not expect anything from your meditation.”

– Sri Chinmoy (1)



(1) Concentration, Meditation – Yoga of Sri Chinmoy

3 thoughts on “Tips for Meditation”

  1. from this post my favorite point is dont judge your meditation. sometimes you may have profound experience during meditation and lose heart as you expect it to occur every time, but it may be some time before you feel or see anything again.

    I meditate because i enjoy the feeling of centredness and oneness i get both during and afterwards, this for me is enough anything else is a bonus (though a much welcome bonus)
    bless you

  2. Excellent tips, I am doing meditation myself since last 6 months.
    There has been tremendous improvement in myself but I don’t attribute everything to meditation, I do lot of spiritual reading too. Especially Hindu Spiritual books like Gita, Ramayan, Sai Satcharitra also I read western spiritual books like Power of Now, Undoing the Ego…etc.
    I personally believe combination of knowledge, meditation and good company will lead us in the right direction.
    Remember one thing we do not know our own good, lets take the path, Eshwara(god) has chosen it for us.

  3. Nice blog! Thanks for the tips. Meditation is really very important in our lives. I really love reading your blogs. Keep it up! I’m looking forward to your new blogs 🙂

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