The message of Jesus Christ

jesus-christToday, just a quote by Sri Chinmoy about Jesus Christ:

“Jesus son of God, avatar of the Western consciousness: Jesus accepted a mortal body so he could reveal man’s immortality. Jesus accepted a man’s consciousness so he could fulfil the divine consciousness. Jesus accepted bodily pain so he could offer the world eternal joy. Jesus accepted betrayal so he could teach the world the meaning of forgiveness.

Jesus, the innocent child, took into his mind the darkness of the world and became Light. Jesus, the loving Son, took into his heart the suffering of the world and became Compassion. Jesus, the all-knowing Father, took upon his body the sins of the world and became Salvation.

Then he offered his human self — the agonised mind, the betrayed heart, the broken body — at the Feet of God. And he offered his divine self — glowing Light, flowing Compassion, the world-Salvation — at the feet of man.

Jesus was the Cross: God’s Revelation and man’s Illumination. Jesus was the Crucifixion: God’s Self-fulfillment and man’s Self-discovery. Jesus was the Ascension: God’s Compassion-Love and man’s perfection-dawn.”


– Sri Chinmoy, The Son, Agni Press, 1973

Rear Cover of First edition of The Son.