Simple Tips for an Easier Life

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An easier life does not mean we vegetate in front of the TV trying to avoid reality. An easier life, involves simplifying unnecessary complications; it means being at peace with ourself; it means we learn how to get on with people avoiding interpersonal conflicts. If we have the right attitude life will be easier and more enjoyable no matter how active and dynamic we are.

Life is undoubtedly a challenge, but, at the same time there are several things that we can do to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Mind Your Own Business

Unfortunately, humans have a strong propensity for gossip and meddling, but this is generally undesirable. We have many of our own problems and weaknesses, but, we often fall into a trap of thinking that we can better sort out the problems of others. It is even worse when we have no inclination to even help others, but, we just get a certain pleasure from knowing about the misfortunes of others. When we meddle in the affairs of others, we add needless complications to our own life. It is also a mistake to feel that we are responsible and can change others, when we do this we only add unnecessary complications and worries to our life.

This does not entail an indifference to the fortunes of others, especially close friends and families. It means we don’t get needlessly involved in gossip and affairs where we have no right.

Do Things 100%

An easier life does not mean a lazy life of slouching around. If we are lethargic and lacking in enthusiasm life will seem dull, boring and passes slowly. When we throw ourselves 100% into a project we become energised with focus – it helps to give life meaning. When our life has meaning we feel happier and this is the crucial aspect.

The worst thing is half heartedly trying to do several things at once, but not getting any of them done at all. We are left with a feeling of inadequacy and stress.

Make Time For Yourself

We are very adept at creating pressure for ourselves. We try to do many things and put pressure on ourselves to meet certain standards. When we rush from one thing to the next, we feel under constant strain – there seems no let up in the endless stress and strains of life. There are certain things we really do have to do, but, there are also many things that are unnecessary. With a bit of foresight we can make time for ourselves. For example, rather than wasting 15 mins watching the news in the morning, we can spend 10 minutes for breathing exercises / meditation, then leave for work 5 mins earlier. This extra time means we lose alot of the unnecessary stress of being late.

Be Kind

This is the easiest and most effective strategy for an easier life. When we are kind, we will definitely notice people reciprocate. If we are forgiving and tolerant, we will find people will be more tolerant and forgiving of our mistakes. If we have a compassionate attitude and avoid creating conflict with others, it makes life so much easier and more enjoyable. It is such a simple but effective strategy, it is surprising we don’t give it more focus. Even more important than being kind to others is being kind to yourself.


If you made a mistake how would you respond? Would you worry over what others thought? Would you feel obliged to defend yourself or push the blame onto others? When we have an attitude of humility we don’t worry over our ego. We don’t feel the overwhelming necessity of impressing others and defending ourselves. The stronger our ego, the more we worry and fear, even if this worry is unconscious.

Don’t Try to Live A Different Life.

The easiest way to get through life, is by living our own life and not trying to be something else. Often we waste a lot of mental energy wishing we had different breaks in life. We think – only if we had different opportunities or could be someone else life would be better. When we start life with acceptance of our current situation then that is the first step to an easier life. We should definitely try to improve our life situation, but, we don’t waste time complaining about how we got to our present situation.

Simplify Your Life.

These are 10 strategies to having a simpler life. Simplicity has tremendous power to create focus and remove unnecessary obstacles.

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