New Blog Author

I’m pleased to be able to introduce a new author for our blog – Shane Magee.

Shane is a good friend  from Dublin, Ireland and is a member of the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre. He is a good writer and is also interested in self improvement. Shane is also, very nearly, a sub 3 hour marathon runner and has a website of running tips: All About Running Running Tips from the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
It is hard to believe, if you ever met Shane, but he also has a phD in Physics.

Like myself, Shane also teaches meditation classes, so we look forward to a great diversity of self improvement articles (but, I promise no Astro Physics….)

Shane will be writing 1 article per week on Thursdays or Fridays.

3 thoughts on “New Blog Author”

  1. Actually Tejvan, no probs if there are astrophysics articles. I mean, I love that topic. And, I’m a hobby astronomer and I admire Nicola Tesla and Einstein.

    Anyway, its great there is another writer. I think I’ve just one tip for you. Focus more on meditation topics. Because thats what makes this site special. Good luck.

  2. You’re personal development articles are great. Just now, I wrote a comment on the post on gaining respect on how useful it was.

    Have to hand it to you. You’re articles never lose the charm and never seem commercially-fueled like some other bloggers of the same category.

    Focus on both, ok ? I just love all your post topics. Not flattering. Its really nice. 🙂

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