How To Create A Better Life and Future

Often we feel powerless, a victim of circumstances. Yet, other people seem ‘lucky’ they are able to attract fortunate events and positive people. On some level, we do have much creative power. Unfortunately, we are using this creative energy in a negative way, creating difficult relationships and difficult circumstances. Yet, we can create much better circumstances if we try.

Feel it is Possible.

We need to have faith a better world is possible. If we have faith in negativity – that will be our experience. If we have faith in a positive experience, then we will be able to experience that.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

Choosing To Be Happy.

Having faith in a better life is also choosing to have positive experiences. We constantly have a choice of how we react to events and how we think. One way will give us more joy than another, yet for certain reasons we don’t always choose the attitude that gives happiness. Therefore we need to make a clear and conscious decision to be happy.

Constant Practise.

It is not enough to say on one occasion – ‘I’d like to have better circumstances’. This single, positive (and rather feeble) thought will soon be outweighed by the countless negative thoughts and negative expectations that we will have. It is like a weighing scale, at the least, we need more positive thoughts and feelings than negative thoughts.


The great saints and mystics frequently talk about the spontaneous gratitude they feel. The mystic sees the beauty and joy in the world. By being grateful to the joyful and beautiful, we are able to attract exactly that. Soulful gratitude has tremendous creative power. Also, don’t just be grateful for what you have experienced, be grateful for the beautiful things you will experience.

Cultivate the Beautiful and Good

If we try to fight negativity by negation, we can go around in circles. If we constantly think ‘I must stop being a negative person’ we can reinforce the impression of our own negativity. It is much better to visualise and concentrate on becoming a positive and kind person.

Uplift Others.

I am very happy
Because I have conquered myself
And not the world.

I am very happy
Because I have loved the world
And not myself.

– Sri Chinmoy

We will never create better circumstances at the expense of others. If we feel we will be happier by embarrassing and criticising other people, this is not a real improvement in happiness. It is a false happiness that relies on success at the expense of others. The easiest way to make our circumstances better is to be a more thoughtful and caring person. When we put others well being above our own, we learn to be selfless and this gives a sense of true happiness. This does not mean we have to go around giving money to street beggars. Our service to be others shouldn’t be ostentatious. We give most help by merely offering our good will and looking for the best in others.


We make life hard by being so judgemental. We should be less judgemental and be more of an observer. We should observe if we like a part of ourselves. If we notice we are prone to depression or anger, make the conscious decision to reject that part of yourself. See it as a passing emotion that doesn’t reflect your true self, instead choose something positive.

Meditate and Concentrate

Thought has great power. But, silence has even more power. If we can still the mind and enter into silence, we can get in touch with the deeper part of our self. This silent self has a connection to the underlying cosmic spirit, and this is the most effective way to create a more fulfilling and positive experience.


Photo, Tejvan, Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries.

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  1. I read this post in a moment of darkness and it immediately lifted me into the light. I took this light out into the world and shared it with every face I met along the way; it radiated back to me and filled me with peace. Thank you!

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