How to Be Actively Calm and Calmly active


To be actively calm and calmly active is the essence of a balanced life. We need to be active, but this activity needs to be undertaken with equanimity and inner peace. As well as working and achieving things, we should not ignore the importance of looking after ourself and paying attention to our inner life.

Here are some suggestions to be actively calm and calmly active.

1. One Thing at A Time

This concept is essentially simple; yet, if we can concentrate on one thing at a time it will make a big difference. Whatever we do, we should give it our full attention and focus. When we have only 1 thing to do and one thing to think about, it is quite easy for our limited mind to cope. When we have several things on our mind we flit from one problem to another; when this occurs, we can become overwhelmed at how difficult life seems. By doing several things at once, we won’t get more done, we will just feel more busy and feel more important. Try to do only one thing at a time and see the difference it makes. Start off with the your most important task and gradually tick off the things that you need to do.

2. Set Aside Time for Relaxation.

It is very easy to feel that our life is too busy to spend 20 minutes cultivating inner peace. However, the success of our outer activity depends on our inner state of mind. If we our mind is confused and brimming with conflicting thoughts, our outer activity will be hard work and victim to our own insecurities. However, if we can clear the mind and achieve an inner state of peace, we will be able to work much more effectively. The time we set aside aside for ourselves will not reduce our potential, it will give us increased productivity.

3. Be Not Attached to the Results.

Difficulties arise when we worry about the outcome of our actions. Quite often the result is beyond our control, it is dependent on circumstances and the reaction of other people. In these eventualities we have a responsibility to do our best, but also, we should try and be detached from the result. The only thing we can do is approach the situation with the right attitude and correct response. If things don’t go as planned we should not beat ourselves up.

5. Don’t Panic

When a problem arises, we often panic and often try to respond immediately. However, in our instinctive response, we often fail to solve the problem and can make it worse. No matter how serious the problem is try to evaluate the situation before jumping head first into the problem. If you take time to find the right solution you can deal with the difficulty with a calm reaction.


Photo by: Abhijatri, Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

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