Eternity’s Breath

“When I love a man, I live within his ever-blossoming heart.

When I hate a man, he lives within my ever-torturing vital.

Love has a power of its own. It can be used to see and feel both the lowest and the highest.

The noblest love of man constitutes his purest vision of God.

Love is always expensive, whether heavenly or earthly.

Like death, man’s love is capable of levelling all ranks”

These short aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy were composed in 1963, one year before he travelled to America. Between 1965 and 1968 the aphorisms were published as a series in AUM magazine In 1972 they were published under 1 volume “Eternity’s Breath”

The book also includes short essays such as “An experience of the author at age 14

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