3100 Mile Race 2012

On June 17th, 2012 , the world’s longest certified footrace, the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race, will begin in Queens, New York. Inspired by Spiritual Teacher, Sri Chinmoy, the 3100 Mile race began in 1997, and provides the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance. The current record for the event is held by Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk  from Germany with a 2006 best of 41 days 6 hrs – 75 miles per day!

The runners cover the 3100 Mile distance by running around a small loop of less than one mile. The athletes run continuously for up to 18 hours a day from the start of the race, to the finish 52 days later.

Video of Interviews with Runners

“We do it to push our own limits, to realize that we can do more ourselves and help to inspire others to do more, to realize they have more within themselves they can achieve,”

Bipin Larkin, the race director.

Spirit of A Runner

During the 2008 edition, filmmaker Jessie Beers-Altman, made an in-depth documentary about the 3100 Mile Race. The video follows  13-time finisher Suprabha Beckjord as she sought to complete the 2008 edition of the race. Spirit of a Runner challenges our definition of possibility, as it explores the enduring capacity of the human heart. Watch online at 3100 Mile Race