First steps on the spiritual path

A new section ‘First Steps’ offers a selection of stories by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre about their first experiences in taking to a spiritual life.


The section at Sri Chinmoy Centre shows the diverse range of experiences that led people from a variety of different backgrounds to become interested in meditation and follow the spiritual path of Sri Chinmoy.

The initial curiosity – the captivating question ‘how will it feel?’ – gave way to calm certainty and the joy of silence – a silence in which I can now dive every day. This state of being is infinitely more exciting and fulfilling than I had ever imagined.

Apaga Renner

Coming to his path has truly been the most beautiful, profound and enduring thing ever to happen to me. I may not be rich, or great, or famous, but I can sincerely say that I am truly happy.


What really appealed to me was the combination of a profound and soulful inner life with a dynamic and versatile outer life.

A quest for happiness by Abhinabha