Recording of Bengali Songs

A new recording of 13 significant compositions by Sri Chinmoy, sung by various members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

From the publishing of his first songbook (The Garden of Love-Light) in 1972 to his passing in 2007, Sri Chinmoy composed over 22,000 songs — an average of 640 songs per year for 35 years! Of these 22,000 songs, over 13,500 are in his native Bengali and over 8,300 are in English, ranging in length from one-line mantric songs to a 208-line epic.

This recording includes every 1,000th song from the first song (Tamasa Rate Nayan Pate)  to the 13,000th  song  (Shakpura Shakpura).

Sri Chinmoy writes that soulful singing can significantly help a seeker to go deep within.

But when we want to get something very, very deep, something that will help us to climb up high, higher, highest, soulful singing is the right thing.

Many, many times I have seen that when people sing very prayerfully and soulfully—not the songs that are fast and lively and give joy to our vital—but songs like Jiban debata or Bhulite diyona, Mother-Earth or the soul of that particular place receives light. Afterwards, that light spreads like a fountain from any part of the world where people are singing soulfully.

My Heart – Melody