Canadian Songs of the Soul Tour 2015

Recently, there were four Songs of the Soul concerts in the Canadian cities of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg. Sri Chinmoy Centre musicians from  around the world travelled to offer these concerts of Sri Chinmoy’s music.


Sahadeva’s group

Large audiences greeted the performers in all the concert venues and many of the concert goers offered enthusiastic appreciation for the blend of soulful, dynamic and meditative music. Continue reading “Canadian Songs of the Soul Tour 2015”

Oneness-Dream singing tour in Scotland

Recently – Oneness-Dream,  a group of male singers from the Sri Chinmoy Centre visited Scotland to perform the songs of Sri Chinmoy at a variety of churches, monasteries and temples.


The group performed a total of 15 performances in different locations ranging from short, spontaneous performances to full concerts of about 1 hour.

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Highlights of the tour included performing at Iona, Findhorn and the Hindu Temple in Glasgow during the Glasgow Mandir. The tour was often described by participants as a pilgrimage – the singers visited many of the famous holy sites of Scoltand – including ancient spiritual centres such as Whithorn, Kilmartin and Iona and more modern centres, such as  Findhorn and Gorbals Parish.

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Temple Song Hearts in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Between June 4-8, Temple Song Hearts gave a concert tour of Sri Chinmoy’s music in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The musical group Temple Song Hearts were founded in 1988 and include members from the UK and across Europe. The group has evolved over the decades to produce a sound that fuses classical and modern, Western and Eastern, in a musical expression that is at once contemplative and joyful.


In the first concert in the Czech Republic, they performed in the Czech Museum of Music in the old town of Prague City. The next concert was hosted in a Peace Garden dedicated to Sri Chinmoy, in the city of  Zlín. Continue reading “Temple Song Hearts in Czech Republic and Slovakia”

Songs of the Soul New York April 2013

As part of the 49th anniversary celebrations for Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the West, members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre offered a concert of soulful and meditative music at the New York Society for Ethical Culture in New York.

Sahadeva’s ensemble

The Songs of the Soul concert, featuring arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music, was held on the 15th April at a packed venue in Manhattan. The concert featured performances from a variety of musicians and groups, such as Alap Jetzer, the Sri Chinmoy Bhajan singers, Pavaka and friends, the Sahadeva Orchestra and an ensemble of local New York musicians. There was also recitations of Sri Chinmoy’s poetry and videos from Sri Chinmoy’s peace concerts.

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