Aphorism cards and incense

In Australia, an enterprise ‘Incense of the World’ has combined its business of incense with handing out aphorism cards by Sri Chinmoy.


Incense is in the Air

by Grahak Cunningham


It is not often you meet travelling salesman who sell goods that help make the world a better place but Victorian Pushpendra Uppal has a selection of goods he has peddled for nearly 20 years that help do just that- well they help the world smell better anyway – incense. The company he helped develop with owner Guni Warmington in Melbourne, Incense of the World has been spreading its fragrant wings since 1998 with clients in every state and a distribution network of high end incense from manufacturers throughout Bali, Nepal, India and Japan. Continue reading “Aphorism cards and incense”

40th anniversary of Transcendence-Perfection

November 1st, 2015 will be the 40th anniversary of  Sri Chinmoy’s poetry series ‘Transcendence-Perfection’


This unique collection of poems were written by Sri Chinmoy during a single 24 hour period in New York. The poems were then collected and published in a single edition, within a  short space of time.

A few weeks later on December 20, 2015, Sri Chinmoy spontaneously set 99 of these poems to music – they were later published in the songbook – ‘Transcendence-Perfection’. Continue reading “40th anniversary of Transcendence-Perfection”

Eternity’s Breath

“When I love a man, I live within his ever-blossoming heart.

When I hate a man, he lives within my ever-torturing vital.

Love has a power of its own. It can be used to see and feel both the lowest and the highest.

The noblest love of man constitutes his purest vision of God.

Love is always expensive, whether heavenly or earthly.

Like death, man’s love is capable of levelling all ranks”

These short aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy were composed in 1963, one year before he travelled to America. Between 1965 and 1968 the aphorisms were published as a series in AUM magazine In 1972 they were published under 1 volume “Eternity’s Breath”

The book also includes short essays such as “An experience of the author at age 14