How To Inspire Others


It is a mistake to try and change others; real change can only come from within. When we seek to ‘change’ others we only meet with frustration. However, we can inspire others – lead by example. These are some practical ways to inspire others in a positive way.


Sincerity means we act with honesty and integrity. An insincere person is driven by the winds of social attitudes. A sincere person has faith in what he his doing and how he is living his life. We can unmistakeably notice the difference between a sincere person and an insincere person. If we do something we really believe in, it can’t help but inspire others.

Encourage Positive Qualities

Can we inspire others by pointing out their numerous faults? Of course not. Encouragement is the best way to inspire others to do the right thing and become the right person. Encouragement is infinitely more powerful than denigration.


This is to act without expectation of reward; It is to speak without trying to impress others. To lead and inspire others, we first have to be humble and able to follow ourself. If we always want to assert our superiority and strength we will fail to inspire others. See post on the power of humility

Be Happy.

Who are the people who inspire us? It is not those who are miserable and always complaining about the state of the world. We are inspired by those who brush aside difficulties and retain a cheerful attitude to the world. Happiness is infectious because it is something we all aspire for.


The title of this is how to inspire others. I thought of saying ‘how to change others’ But, it is not our place to change others, change has to be something that comes from within. All we can do is support and inspire others to do the right thing without being attached to the result. Detachment means we are concerned and thoughtful, but not demanding. We do not expect other people to behave in a certain way, instead we give others freedom to make their own choices. Ultimately people respond to this thoughtful concern.


Acting with kindness is the easiest way to inspire others. It can be the smallest of acts, but, if we act with kindness then it makes a world of difference, and people are inclined to follow our lead.


As Sri Chinmoy says: “Friendship disappears when selfishness invades.” To be selfless means putting other people first. When we give of ourself, we encourage others to do the same. We don’t want to emulate selfish people, but people with selfless motives


Photo, Sri Chinmoy Centre galleries

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