Meditation in Sydney

Over the past few months, the Sydney Sri Chinmoy Centre have been offering a series of meditation courses in different parts of Sydney. These free meditation classes offer an introduction to the basic techniques of meditation and also how meditation can be incorporated into our daily life.

Sydney Meditation

Jogyata Dallas giving a meditation class

Jogyata, from Auckland, New Zealand, recently came over to give a series of lectures and classes in Sydney. The courses have been well attended with many local Sydney residents  gaining an insight into meditation.

Sri Chinmoy’s path emphasises the role of meditating on the spiritual heart. Sri Chinmoy feels that this approach is the simplest and most effective way for a seeker to contact his own soul and experience the peace and joy of inner silence.

“When we go deep within, into the deepest recesses of our hearts, we commune with God through meditation. It is through meditation that we can know that God is both with form and without form, with attributes and without attributes.”

– Sri Chinmoy

To find out more about Sri Chinmoy’s path of meditation and meditation classes in Sydney, visit Sydney Meditation

Some of the Benefits of Meditation

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