Two remarkable weightlifting feats by Sri Chinmoy

In the space of two days, Sri Chinmoy has performed two remarkable displays of weightlifting transcendence. First, Sri Chinmoy achieved a weightlifting goal he set for himself two months ago, when he lifted a stack of plates weighing a massive 700lb – four times his own bodyweight – using just his right arm. In front of fifty observers at a private outdoor garden in New York, Sri Chinmoy meditated for a few moments before beginning a series of lifts which progressed in 50-lb increments to his ultimate goal of 700lbs. These lifts are even more remarkable from their being made from a seated position, which is considerably more difficult than standing.

Two days later he lifted two of his students, both tall strong men weighing a combined total of 528lbs, again with his right arm from a seated position – the heaviest lifting of people with one arm he has achieved.

Through his weightlifting, Sri Chinmoy hopes to inspire all of us to put aside our perceived limitations and see what we ourselves are truly capable of. Now aged 75, Sri Chinmoy explains: “I am trying to inspire all human beings, irrespective of age, to fulfil their dreams..The mind makes us feel that we are very old, but the moment I use my heart, I am 20 years old. When I use my heart, I feel oneness. Everything helps me and everybody helps me when I feel my oneness.”

Sri Chinmoy began weightlifting almost a quarter of a century ago, beginning with a mere 40-pound dumbbell. Since then he has performed some astounding feats of weightlifting, lifting not only static weights but also objects which capture the imagination – elephants, cars, airplanes, yachts, trees and countless other objects. In addition, Sri Chinmoy has presented the ‘Lifting up the World with a Oneness-Heart’ award to over 8,200 people who have worked to inspire humanity in their own fields. In this award, Sri Chinmoy honours the individuals by lifting them overhead using a specially- created apparatus, lifting them up in both body and spirit.

How does Sri Chinmoy get this capacity such heavy weights? According to Sri Chinmoy, the answer is simple: prayer and meditation. “I pray to God” said Sri Chinmoy, “not to lift heavy objects. I pray to God to please Him in His own way. This capacity He has given me, to inspire humanity to succeed in their own walks of life.”

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