Record for Most Guiness Records

Record Attempt for Poem in Different Languages
After Successful Record Attempt for Reciting Poem in Different Languages

Ashrita Furman recently set an impressive landmark for setting his 100th simultaneous Guiness World Record. Over the past 30 years, Ashrita has been fascinated with Guinness world Records and has set over 230 official Guinness Records. With his recent record attempt he now has 100 current Guinness records.

The Record was set in City Hall Park in Manhattan on April 14th. It was the record for reciting a poem in the most number of languages. The previous record was 79 languages, but, with help from friends in the Sri Chinmoy Centre, Ashrita set a new record of 111 languages. Ashrita read the Poem, Precious Beyond Measure, in Zulu. Speaking of the record, Ashrita said:

“It was fun learning about many of these languages – quite a few I never even heard of,”

Councilman, Jimmy Genero spoke about the record and said how appropriate it was to set the record in New York, which is renowned for its cultural diversity.

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