Ananda concert in Bristol and Cardiff

Recently, Ananda a music group from Britain, offered two concerts in Bristol and Cardiff.


The first concert was held in the centre of Bristol at the Lord Mayor’s Chapel, Bristol, 13 December, 2015.

The group are composed of disciples of Sri Chinmoy from different cities in the UK, they perform the music of Sri Chinmoy. Ananda have had a busy year, touring in the Czech Republic and performing at several venues within the UK.

The music was appreciated by those who attended the concert. After the event, some who attended the concert, offered comments on the music.

“Such a joy to hear young men sing with devotion to God”

“Thank you for such wonderful music, I now feel completely calm.”

“Magical and soulful. Thank you.”


The second concert was held at a venue in Cardiff.

“Music is psychic enlightenment. Music is the supreme fulfilment of the aspiring human soul.”

Sri Chinmoy,  1



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