New videos of students of Sri Chinmoy

At a newly designed Sri Chinmoy TV website, we have several new interviews with members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

These videos, with student of Sri Chinmoy, include short explanations about – why they were attracted to Sri Chinmoy’s path, experiences of meditation, and life as a student of Sri Chinmoy.


Mahatapa Palit, a social entrepreneur from New York, talks about how she became interested in meditation, and how this brought her to Sri Chinmoy’s path of meditation. View: Beginnings of a spiritual journey

bishwasBishwas Pollisar originally from Seattle, has grown up on Sri Chinmoy’s path and now lives in New York. In this video he explains his role in building a new lifting apparatus for one of Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting exhibitions. View: Bishwas Pollisar speaking on lifting apparatus.

preetidutta-thorpe-sqPreetiduta Thorpe from Auckland talks about some of her experiences as a student of Sri Chinmoy. View: Experiences of meditation

tejvanTejvan Pettinger was a student at Oxford University, when he became interested in meditation. In this video, he talks about why he joined Sri Chinmoy’s path.



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