Songs of the Soul New York April 2013

As part of the 49th anniversary celebrations for Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the West, members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre offered a concert of soulful and meditative music at the New York Society for Ethical Culture in New York.

Sahadeva’s ensemble

The Songs of the Soul concert, featuring arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music, was held on the 15th April at a packed venue in Manhattan. The concert featured performances from a variety of musicians and groups, such as Alap Jetzer, the Sri Chinmoy Bhajan singers, Pavaka and friends, the Sahadeva Orchestra and an ensemble of local New York musicians. There was also recitations of Sri Chinmoy’s poetry and videos from Sri Chinmoy’s peace concerts.

NY performers ensemble led by Paree Atkins

The finale to the concert featured a moving and energising arrangement of Sri Chinmoy’s song Twenty First Century.

TWENTY-FIRST Century, the New Millennium! No more the old sorrows and joys-compendium. God’s Heart, God’s Eye, a new hope and a new promise! O run and dive and fly-Bliss, Infinity’s Bliss! The world shall cheer the road with a God-surrender-song. Creator’s Silence-Hearts, creation’s sound-lives throng.

– Sri Chinmoy, The New Millenium

The song Twenty-First century is also featured in the songbook, The New Millenium


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