Stories at Sri Chinmoy Centre

A new section at Sri Chinmoy publishes a wide variety of accounts written by students of Sri Chinmoy. These stories include how and why people felt drawn to following a spiritual life. There are also written accounts of meditation functions with Sri Chinmoy and other experiences on Sri Chinmoy’s path.


These stories gave a glimpse into the diverse experience of being a student of Sri Chinmoy, and how it can open up a new world of possibilities. It is also interesting to see how people from all walks of life can be drawn together by the common goal of seeking a deeper meaning to life.

“A seeker is he who fulfils his soulful promises both to Heaven and to earth. His self-giving role fulfils his promise to Heaven, His self-ascending role fulfils his promise to earth. To give is to become. To ascend is to become. He gives what he has and what he is, and eventually he sees and grows into the universal Reality.”

– Sri Chinmoy [1]

We hope you enjoy these short stories, photos and listings; we will be adding more over the next few months.



[1] Sri Chinmoy, Simplicity, Sincerity, Purity And Divinity, Agni Press, 1987.

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