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sri chinmoyArpan Deangelo shares some reminiscences of Sri Chinmoy’s running career at his new running blog

Sri Chinmoy took up long distance running in the 1970s when he was in his mid 40s. In his formative years, Sri Chinmoy had excelled in the 100 metre sprint, but, in America he took up long distance running and spent many hours training around his home in Jamaica Queens. These experiences formed the basis of a series of books called Run and Become. Sri Chinmoy describes one of many running experiences:

Today one of the disciples was telling me that he met a very good runner while running in Flushing Meadow Park. This man had told the disciple that he often sees me running and that he thought I was a sub-three-hour marathoner because I was so thin and I looked like I was in such good shape. The disciple was very polite and told the runner that I was hoping to break three and a half hours in the New York Marathon. He didn’t tell him my previous bullock-cart marathon times.

Sri Chinmoy’s Running – Part 1 of an article on Running by Arpan

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