World Harmony Run 2007

WHR Jamaica

On 3rd November, the World Harmony Run held a local event in Jamaica, New York. The short run began at Aspiration Ground, Jamaica, NY and visited a local school, New Dawn elementary. The school had helped organise a community event around the run.

For more details and photos visit – World Harmony Run.

Local School children taking part in the eventĀ 


Two More participants of the Run – braving the NY winter

2 Runners

2 thoughts on “World Harmony Run 2007”

  1. I am happy for the Sri Chimnoy purposed life. I was first introduced about him during the world harmany run in Tanzania, organized by Representatives from UK and Frank Macha . I was suprised to hear of his death when I was preparing to join his love organization. I pray for his soul that all his good works be remembered by God.

  2. Great to see this news about the World Harmony Run – it is certainly going to be huge globally this year. Nice article about a WHR event on Martin Luther King Day in America here: World Harmony Run Honors Dr. King. Great work – this a very informative site.

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