Australian World Harmony Run

On April 27th, the Australian World Harmony Run team began an epic journey around the entire coast of Australia. The World Harmony Run team from 16 different countries will be running in relay more than 15,000 km in over 100 days. They plan to finish by mid-August. You can follow the Australian harmony run here:


Australian Harmony Run team meeting with local schoolchildren

The team have met with a wide range of people and stunning scenery along the way. People from all walks of life have joined in supporting the message of the Run – to promote harmony and friendship amongst people.


Meeting the local mayor

Some Photos taken During the Run


One of the national animals of Australia – the Koala


The beauty of the setting Australian sun


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  1. Well done Tejvan. I highly recommend taking a look at this inspiring website, if only to see how they manage to run upside down without falling off the edge of the known world.

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