Sri Chinmoy lifts six light aircraft and a glider in New York

Earlier today, Sri Chinmoy continued his recent run of amazing weightlifting feats, this time lifting an assortment of aircraft. The lifts included four light aircraft which were placed overhead on a modified calf-raise machine and lifted, two stunt planes which were placed on a platform and lifted also using a calf raise technique, and a glider which was lifted overhead using the right arm.

(Photo: Sri Chinmoy lifting light airplane – total weight including apparatus comes to 980 lb. The height of the lift can be seen in the small gap between the white lines on the apparatus above Sri Chinmoy’s head)

Over the years Sri Chinmoy has lifted many aircraft as part of his effort to demonstrate the power of the human spirit. At the beginning of June, he lifted an ultralight plane and a Stearman biplane as part of a lifting program that also included cars, motorcycles and boats. Lifting airplanes also sometimes form a part of the weightlifting program that often takes place on the anniversary of when he started lifting; as part of this program he lifted airplanes in 2002 and 2004. In 2003, Sri Chinmoy celebrated the centenary of the first manned flight by the Wright brothers by lifting over 100 pilots overhead using a special apparatus – this program was part of the Lifting up the World with a Oneness-Heart award program, in which Sri Chinmoy recognises the achievements of men and women who have been of service and inspiration to the community and the world by lifting them. To date, he has honoured over 8,000 individuals in this way.

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