Tribute To Pranavanta

Pranavanta John Montefiore, a student of Sri Chinmoy, was an exceptional artist who developed a strong reputation for his innovative and marathon artworks.

Pranavanta became a meditation student of Sri Chinmoy in 1985. Studying under the tutelage of Sri Chinmoy (who himself was an artist) gave Pranavanta artwork a renewed spiritual energy. A tribute to his life was recently published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

…Montefiore was an aficionado, someone who could wax lyrical on many aspects of the world: not just the beauty that he strived to portray in his artwork but also the sweet sounds of music, the aroma of a flower, even the joy of a terrible pun. Montefiore’s altarpiece in Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle.

When people say ”Words can’t express it”, they obviously never accompanied their words with the enthusiasm of Montefiore. His marathon artworks were best accompanied by his own commentary, as he guided you through the story he was telling with his work. Every dot of paint, its position and shape, had profound significance…

Read more at  Sydney Morning Herald

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