Sri Chinmoy’s final prayer-poem

On the Wednesday night before his passing away the following morning, Sri Chinmoy held a meditation function for his students at which copies of his latest book of poetry were made available for sale. The book was the 52nd instalment of a series entitled My Christmas-New Year-Vacation-Aspiration-Prayers, consisting of prayer-poems Sri Chinmoy wrote on his visits to other countries between November and February each year.

The final prayer-poem in this series reads as follows:

“My physical death
Is not the end of my life –
I am an eternal journey.”

This poem is the last poem published during Sri Chinmoy’s lifetime.


9 thoughts on “Sri Chinmoy’s final prayer-poem”

  1. His compassion, my cry
    his love, my inspiration
    his devotion, my aspiration
    his surrender, my gratitude
    his transcendence, my goal
    his immortality, my life
    his eternity, my heart

  2. such wisdom shown is nothing but a stamp of life wholly and truly lived
    death to conciously welcomed shows
    the detached spirit while living
    what more can one say
    about the knowledge of the self
    reflecting in this graceful departure.

    I bow to the great thinker.

  3. I received the most sublime blessings of my life in luminous silence from Sri Chinmoy. I’m very deeply grateful to the Supreme for providing me in this life with what Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886) called “the three greatest gifts a soul can receive: human birth, longing for God, and discipleship to an enlightened soul.”

    Peace Be Upon the soul known as SRI CHINMOY (1931-2007) forever.

  4. Sri Chinmoy will be sadly missed by his disciples and anyone whose heart he has touched. Through his spiritual teachings, he has made us aware of our Supreme, our God and our inner pilot who are one and the same.

    He ranks among the greatest spiritual teachers that have ever graced this earth.

    He has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which in our opinion, he has earned many times over for his good works toward achieving lasting peace in the world.

    He will live for ever in the hearts of his disciples and will continue to be concerned about our spiritual well
    being as he has promised.

  5. Sadness is slight,and passing
    Beneath the tears the hearts’ felt truth
    How very rich and full the world has become
    With Guru’s Journey through our times’fields.

  6. My eternal gratitude to Guru for being the Light of my life, my best friend, my older brother. Gratitude for the legacy of a full life, books, songs, paintings, talks… A supremely self-transcendent life.

    “Death is natural. Nothing natural can be detrimental. Death is rest. Rest is strength in disguise for a further adventure.” – Sri Chinmoy

    Gratitude from all Portuguese centres, friends and admirers.

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