Sri Chinmoy Obituaries

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy – Peace activist and spiritual teacher, who advocated running. Obituary at Scotsman

“…Sri Chinmoy, the Indian spiritual guru who had been nominated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and seconded by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, devoted his life to bringing different faiths together, and promoting the concept of a healthy body in a healthy mind… “

Sri Chinmoy Obituary at Independent

“…Popular mythology tends to imagine a guru – in the word’s original and proper Hindu sense of spiritual adviser or teacher – as a placid and mostly sedentary figure. Not so Sri Chinmoy, who wove vigorous exercise into a meditational system that preached peace and inner harmony and gained him thousands of disciples worldwide, as well as admirers ranging from the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, to the Olympic champion Carl Lewis and the soul and jazz singer Roberta Flack…”

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Photo of Sri Chinmoy, by Kedar, training with 50lb dumbell.

3 thoughts on “Sri Chinmoy Obituaries”

  1. Somehow the world seems to stop turning to me right now, I feel so sad and I will miss you so much,
    Guru Sri Chinmoy.
    My mind says just your body is gone.
    My heart knows that your physical existence was God´s Oneness-Smile and God´s Helping-Hand.
    My souls whispers, “be happy and grateful that you was blessed to meet Him even on this earth even in this lifetime”.
    Forever Yours
    Ingolf Michael Becker

  2. Those of us who were apart from guru and have tried to serve him as best we can, sometimes in a secret way, urge those who were physically close to him – and so might be suffering too much from his loss, to be brave.

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