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We are very grateful for the many kind words which have been flowing in from all corners of the world, and which illustrate how many lives Sri Chinmoy has touched, inspired and illumined in his 76 years on earth. Those of you wishing to leave a tribute please feel free to add it via the comment form below.


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  1. asato ma sat gamaya
    tamaso ma jyotir gamaya
    mrityor ma amritam gamaya

    lead me from the unreal to the Real
    lead me from darkness to Light
    lead me from death to Immortality

    Beloved Guru,
    A million pranam’s to You. How can we ever realize and be grateful enough for Your most precious gift, the real path to the real Self-realization. The blessing and love of a genuine Master is indeed peerless.
    On we march toward
    that ultimate merging, Oneness. The Beyond.
    but i will still miss your physical presence. Your eyes were magic wonders that always radiated an other worldly reality. And Your smile was an absolutely Transcendental Delight. Many cherished moments were spent in Your presence.
    One could write for eons and never be able to adequately express Your spiritual Glory. And who am i to say anyway, being just a single compassion glance of Yours.
    So to You Guru,
    I bow, I bow and I bow
    At Your Lotus-Feet
    taking shelter there
    and blessed 🙂

  2. In 1964 June walking across the reception area of the Indian Consulate in New York during a conversation I asked my shy quiet compatriot.’what exactly is God”? He answered “Isn’t it consciousness”? I stepped back and looked at him holding by breath. Many years later when I read another great saint’s life this answer
    shone with the clarity and stamp of truth-certainty of one only with direct experience of pure Consciousness could have given.
    What all happened between 1964 and October 11, 2007 will fill many pages. On October 12 standing in front of Guru in Yoganidra, my heavy heart was comforted by those two eyes which gently opened a little several times as if to recognize the friend who asked that question more than 43 years earlier.

    Gratitude is the word I have learnt to spell and the meaning of which I am learning a little deeper everyday, from Guru
    Eternal gratitude from one who was called friend, brother, son and disciple – shivaram trichur

  3. Dear Guru
    Words alone cannot convey all that You are to the world. Guru Sri Chinmoy. His face and His smile lit up a room and awakened joy and awe.

    His presence gave peace, light, love, grace, bliss that one only has to receive. I am He loved and will continue to love and guide His children and humanity in heaven. Like a beacon of light He illumines the path for all.

    To know Him is to long be grow into his likeness and to know God.

    I am grateful to share this with the whole world. I am grateful to have in in His presence and will always be grateful. Gratitude Guru your daughter Dudu

  4. My dear Beloved Guru,
    it’s been 2 weeks since you left the body… oh, oh the time passes so mercilessly, so mercilessly…
    I remember the Friday after we heard the news we still can hardly accept with our minds… The whole world, the faces, the people I saw, the trees, the sky so grey, the whole world seemed to be sadder that day…
    But Your spirit , Your presence, the very you, I felt YOU so everlastingly here, Your consciousness almost tangible, and all eternally calm. No one could deny it that day, no one can deny it today.
    It is still all very unreal, a very strange thing to accept. But that’s what You have taught us – to feel YOU and Your teachings with our HEARTS. And that’s what it is – you are in our hearts . Mind has no proper explanation because the real in us, The Heart in us feels no loss, knows you didn’t go anywhere, feels you within and without!! And both, the Heart and the Soul know YOU are the part and parcel of our very beings!

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    Om Shanti


  5. Sri Chinmoy was a beautiful man. His compassion and care for humanity was boundless and truly inspiring. My love to all in his community.

  6. When I first met Sri Chinmoy, I was a shy boy of 10 years, who wanted to defeat everyone with the power of my mind. Guru wanted to celebrate my birthday, but somehow I was too shy to look at him.

    Then either that same year, 1988, or the following year, Guru requested to see me play my favourite game – chess.

    Now my physical contact with Guru has gone full circle: When Guru came back from Mongolia this year he brought back a beautiful chess set, which he gave me as a birthday present.

    On October 18, we said goodbye to the physical Sri Chinmoy, the kindest, sweetest, most caring person I have ever and will ever know.

    His soul lives on. It truly is everywhere. Still offering guidance to those who listen. Still caring. The noblest soul I have ever known.

    All I want is to keep listening, keeping feeling grateful and keep on the right track.


  7. I am very sorry to know of the passing on of Sri Chinmoy. He has done so much to awaken mankind to the higher paths of life that can bring harmony and peace. You are all dedicated to the cause which has to continue for the good of mankind.

    Swami Nirliptanda
    Bharat Sevashram Sangha, London, UK.

  8. Guru always said that we are all the same, that we are all children of God seeking something deeper and more fulfilling in life. Now, like the gentlest drizzle of a soft rain, and perhaps more powerfully than ever, our Beloved Guru’s irrepressible Love-Light is paving the way not just for me or you, His dearest disciples, treasured friends and self-giving well-wishers, but for the entire humanity.

    My Beloved Guru I love You for all time. May Your Love, Your Joy and Your unparalleled self-offering shine brighter, brightest in and through me.
    Forever yours,

  9. The man was and still is special person. The body may be gone but his soul is very much alive. He will have much to say in the spiritual worlds for a long time to come.

    God Bless you on your journey into the spiritual worlds. The world will wait in anticipation for your next incarnation.

  10. It was a great pleasure to know Sri Chinmoy, first through his writings and his music, then in person, when he lifted me to thank me for my love and support of his on-going work. He was a great man, who gave his energy, creativity and love in abundance to humankind. The world is a better place for his having been here, and we are better human beings for having been touched by his love, his radiant bliss, and his astonishing creative abundance.

  11. I express my deep condolences to his community. I had the opportunity to meet him in New York and felt very touched by his wisdom and in particular by all his work in favor of peace.

  12. In this important moment all spiritual seekers must remember, that consiousness is eternal. Remember Master’s words of wisdom about life and death. Where it is death? We can find the eternal life only.
    And Sri Chinmoy is here and there and everywhere. And He will help his disciples and all mankind in the future – and ever and ever.

  13. What a sad thing to happen to such a great man. I hope one day he will be awarded the Nobel Price. I believe that the best way to remember him is to maintain the Harmony Torch Run all over the world.

    Frank Macha, Sports Development Officer
    Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports, Tanzania

  14. Guru,
    I is very grateful to you.
    You are delightful in a huge measure.
    You – the finest phenomenon which I saw.

  15. I am going to express my deep feelings of regret for th world, in these troubled times. as a disciple I EXPERIENCED A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN AT THE TENNIS COURTS. You changed my life, woke me up for that I will be forever grateful. deepest love and respect Nancy Mackay

  16. I’ll never forget everything I’ve learned with him. Let’s continue our philosophy: the acceptance of life for the transformation of life and also for the manifestation of God’s Light here on earth, at God’s choice Hour, in God’s own Way.

  17. My brother and I live in Cyprus and are not disciples of Sri Chinmoy. In 1981 we attended a group meditation in Queens New York. The Guru had just come back from his Christmas holidays. During the meditation he gave us the MOST important experience of our lives. A wave of light from his third eye filled the room, entered our bodies, our minds, our souls. It cleansed us and filled us with so much love. We felt like baloons filled with love. We think he gave us a glimpse of enlightenment. We loved everybody and everything. We felt so much full of wisdom. We even knew what infinity is. Our lives have never been the same since then. We still have his photos in our house and often pray to him. My father who is sick in hospital also has his photo by his bed. We never saw Sri Chinmoy since then but we both agree he was the most important person we ever happened to meet. Sri Chinmoy, even though we were not your disciples we love you and we want to thank you for everything. George and Petros, Cyprus

  18. Dear Guru:

    Just as you taught us to try to inspire others in harmony by showing that a spiritual life is something absolutely normal and practical, so in this moment I try to express my eternal longing for you in only a mere four simple English words: Thank you, my Beloved.

    Israel Cordeiro

  19. for my Guru


    Sky`s quickly getting
    deep dark blue
    and rainy clouds begin to crowd
    and raise up like giant crying waves
    over my head.

    Impatient taxi
    waits at the gate
    to kidnap me and take for my plane.

    Again your face suprised at the gate –
    yes, for a while I have to go there
    and catch the last glimpse
    of His earthly scene.

    Look, Light alive is all present there,
    singing , pulsating, silvering, flying
    inside the Aspiration-Ground.

  20. I never saw Sri Chinmoy and also don’t know if he considered me a follower in any way but I miss him because he lived beautiful and light-hearted life.

  21. It was with sadness that we heard of Sri Chinmoy’s passing on. He was a source of great inspiration to my late Mum and of course to all his devotees. I know that although his physical being is not with us, his spirit resides with his many followers, who I hope will continue with his inspirational work and lifestyle. May Sri Chunmoy rest in peace and may he be in smiles in the afterworld, knowing that his work still continues with his through the many people he has inspired and given hope to.

  22. Sri Chinmoy is a great man that inspire people around the world, he still live inside my heart and I wish to thank you for everything in my life! I will work to spread his harmony and inspiration. Thank you!!!!

  23. Dear Guru,

    I love you with all my heart.

    I have experienced no greater joy ever in my entire life than to be in your presence.

    Out of my eternal gratitude to you for all that you have done for me and for so many others, i dedicate my life to you. You are my greatest inspiration, you are my eternal destination.

    Let God’s Will be done.

    mark english

  24. I have dipped into Sri Chinmoy’s daily readings for years now – the quality and subtlety of his mind never ceases to amaze me. His life was an inspiration to so many. A great soul has passed.

  25. I was very surprised to hear of Guru Sri Chimoy’s Mahasamadhi.I personaly met him on 14th sept 2007 at New York.He told me “Everyones contibution makes the world more beautiful”.I belive his presence everywhere.

  26. Hari Om!
    The good old Yoga Masters are dead and gone today.
    Beloved Sri Chinmoy was one of the last of the old Rishis from India. Old Narayananandaji (1902-1988) from The RamaKrishna mission, and Chinmoy (1931-2007), were the 2 best yoga teachers I have ever met personally. Chinmoy was a great musician too. We saw him in Oslo Norway two times.
    God bless you people out there!
    Long live the memory of Sri Chinmoy.
    A very peaceful man with a good condition…
    Om Tat Sat…

  27. Dearest Revered Guruji,

    When you lifted me up on Nov ’03 in Singapore,
    I was inspired to perform in Raga Revathi a piece titled, “Manida Janmam”. After performing it on my Bansuri (flute) and having realised that the melody came not just through my fingers but from my heart instead. it was a radical change showered from YOU, the divine grace. You then lifted both my late mother (my source of inspiration in my musical journey) and myself again. How fortunate indeed I am to get this rarest opportunity by YOU who gave me an ‘ode to joy’ to perform everytime now from my heart. You not only being a great Guru, but all the human being in the highest senst of the term, much above and much nobler and who is the symbol of the glory of human life ~ Dearest Guruji, I’ve realised the devotion and dedication to music even more absolute self-surrender as my music is Thine.

    Revered Guruji, as you attain Maha Samadhi, I shall venture further my musical journey with Thy Guidance and continue my humanitarian service to mankind that am always eagerly aspire to do so. That same Revathy piece which I performed in front of you was dedicated to you along with my senior students during the 9-day Dassera Festival in various temples here. as my tribute to YOU.

  28. My Dear Guru!
    You are Light of the Earth
    You are Consciousness of the Heaven.
    We all very, very love You, Guru!
    With love all our family – Zhanna, Larissa, Nina, Eldar.

  29. Sri Chinmoy – Ever deepest
    Infinity in determination
    Here grows the spirit of untouched inspiration towards peace for all
    We live in the journey

    (This tribute will be installed in a garden installation Anne and I are preparing on our property in Barkers Creek to accompany the “Sri Chinmoy Street” installation.)

  30. Hi! Although I only meditated with Sri Chinmoy in the early 1970’s for a short time he left me with a strong impression of his Samadhi states. Now he is blended into the World Soul and returned to the Source of All. Ashk (Spiritual Love) to All.
    Sheikh Majid Buell al Mevlevi ar Rifai.

  31. Guru You were always kind to me and my family. I appreciated that. You helped me in my life.
    I will miss you very much and remember you always.
    You were the best guru I ever knew !
    gary 🙂

  32. My Lord Beloved Gurudev of my heart and soul,

    Physically You are gone from us. Spiritually eternally You live among and within us deeply seated inside the temples of our hearts. Your Blue-Gold Soul of Light and Bliss Your gift divine. Your Heart of Love and Compassion-Feet our sheltering sky. Your Immortal Smile Transcendental the inner awakener of our gratitude-tears. YOUR MAGNIFICENT LIFE, DEEDS and LEGACY are our map, compass, reference point, guidance and guide, road, journey and Goal.

    Grateful to the marrow am I for having been chosen by Your Grace. I carry in the very fiber of my being sweet, sweeter, sweetest memories of my life with You. You who were, are and forever will be all Kindness; all Goodness; all Sweetness; all Affection; all Concern; all Compassion; all Forgiveness and all Love to me way before my eyes and Yours met.

    Before we met on the flesh I dream’t of You and saw Your Smiling Face every single day for a full year. At the appointed time the meeting of our souls occurred. That bright Sunday morn of the 21st December of the year 1969 in Miramar, Puerto Rico has been carved and sculpted in the deepest depths of my heart of hearts.

    My heart and I were melted by Your Smile and transformed by the Light of Your Eyes. Your Divine Emanation engulfed me inside the Sweetest Love that could only come from a God-man. You showed me a tiny glimpse of HIM whom YOU ARE on that very first encounter. And I gave my all to You as You spoke Your very first words to me: ” I have been calling you for one year…” I felt quite convincingly the REAL in You. I knew in an instant that You were not an ordinary human being but a truly Divine Being. He whom I had been searching for since my teenage years and He whom I longed for in my childhood dreams. I saw in You my Eternal Friend, my Playmate, my Brother, my Father, my All. My faith in You and my love for You took birth that very day.

    Thirty eight years later while in a trance-like state, among Your last words to me, You smilingly uttered:
    “I love you! I love you! I love you!” Not mere words, for LOVE Itself spoke through You!

    Your Sevananda

  33. When I have some problems wich I don’t understand it is best to think about Sri Chinmoy just without any reason.

  34. My Guru.

    I have more to say,
    but here is the poem Fireflies from Tagore where between the line is shining my ode for Guru,
    this time only for Him, from all my heart.

    Rabindranath Tagore
    *In the quotation-marks is Tagor´s poem

    ‘I touch God in my song
    as the hill touches the far-away sea
    with its waterfall.’

    Dearest Guru,
    I touched God through Your songs
    And will touch Him in the Eternity
    With their flow.

    ’’The butterfly counts not months but moments,
    and has time enough.’’

    I still count and count my moments with you
    to make my God beauty heart flower
    but they were not enough…

    ”Let my love, like sunlight, surround you
    and give you illumined freedom.

    Love remains a secret even when spoken,
    for only a lover truly knows that he is loved.’’

    My love
    For the heart of God and for You
    Will remain unspoken
    And you only you will hear it.

    ”Emancipation from the bondage of the soil
    is no freedom for the tree.”

    I run and run away from Thee
    To come back always
    On a bended knee

    ”In love I pay my endless debt to thee
    for what thou art.”,
    My Guru.

  35. je me rappellerais toujours ces bons moments passés avec vous ou plutot en compagnie de la melodie de votre instrument…j’ai tant pleuré ma joie d’etre…seul je fétais l’existence….je vous remercis pour ces souvenirs.

    (English Translation: I will always remember these good moments of the past with you or rather with the company of the melody of your instruments. I cried so much because of the joy of being….alone, I celebrated existence. I thank you for these memories.)

  36. My Lord

    It is by Your infinite grace that You have called me to You. Your power of Love, for me, has always been the strongest force that permeated all the outer endeavours. We are all so fortunate to bask in the ever shining sun of Your Love.
    May we grow in this Love to be able to continue to serve
    and Love as Your children to help build a world of harmony and oneness. Thank You so very much.
    Yours Pranam

  37. Hariom.
    namaste, I had the privilage to meet SRI CHINMOY a few years ago. HE was very simple in apperance but
    very exalted spiritually. He gave me an apple and
    blessings . His physical pressence will be missed, but
    his spiritual pressence will always be reachable .

  38. Life is just a game, we don’t choose who plays nor which way it sways .
    We can not predict who wins or looses, only which
    path our life cruises.

    Patricia Jennison 2007

  39. A few small poems in memory of Sri Chinmoy:

    Soul Birds

    Your joyous birds are singing a new life into being…

    From the Heavens of an Avatar’s vision-eye they fly,
    Far above the regions of the mind.
    They are here for the manifestation of the Supreme’s height, to bring about the transformation of life.

    Their divinity will soon rain down…
    Right from the finger tips of their Creator.
    I will find their fountain of creation and
    Bathe my life in its eternal source of self-giving.

    My life will be made new in His light;
    Refashioned as bird of blue-gold light.
    I will plant the seeds of a new creation;
    My very bones will speak the truth of self-giving.

    I shall follow the will of my Creator;
    For I was fashioned in the state of His Rapture;
    I shall place my life at his feet and be transported
    Into his eye of Vision.
    There we shall abide in sweetest union.

    (You burned the seeds of events that I could not see, cleared memories of past and future lives that arose in dreams. Now you are making me a true human being. You placed a new heart in me, bathed with the breath of your Spirit. One simple prayer spreads out in the entire being, released from the cage of self, returning to you, in you. You will continue in those who love you, singing the God-surrender song for all eternity.)


  40. Dear Guru,
    I was graced by your initiation in 1973, and will forever be grateful. You have changed my life, saved my life, really – in countless ways, seen and unseen. I have almost daily felt your Presence, your influence, your inspiration, your help. Early this summer in looking for songs of inspiration to perform at the local Vedanta Center where I live in Massachusetts, I happened upon some music tracks by Srinvantu, of which I was a member thirty years ago. I was immediately awash in tears of deep joy and gratitude. I remembered the melodies and sometimes every word of Your songs, ones we used to sing in the competitions, in times that I will treasure always, those years that were beautiful dreams. I cried every time I played or sang your music after that. Since then I have sung several of Your songs for kirtans and meditations, and these have always been very graciously received by the Vedanta Center members. In fact, it was during one of their ceremonies that I heard the news of Your Mahasamadhi – and I was so powerfully moved, on behalf of the disciples, my brothers and sisters for whom I felt such sadness – and because of my gratitude for Your bringing me so close before your passing from this world; another proof of Your Love and Compassion. I remember You as the manifestation of those qualities, and of genius; and as the unimaginable height of Consciousness.
    Thank You, Guru. My whole life bows to You, is a song of gratitude to You – for sharing of Yourself, for coming to offer Your help, appreciated or not by this world; and really for giving us all a chance to sample the Nectar of Bliss, to inspire us all to go beyond our limitations, always. Namaste.

  41. Dear Guru

    You showed me
    that all things are possible with God – and more.

    And that the mercy of God is beyond expectation.

    For these no gratitude can ever be enough…



  42. Dear spiritual teacher, thank You for the most beautiful poetry I ever read and the most inspirational concerts i ever heard, You were truly spiritual supernova star on planet Earth!

  43. Dear Guru

    Words alone cannot convey all that You are to the world. Guru Sri Chinmoy. His face and His smile lit up a room and awakened joy and awe.
    His presence gave peace, light, love, grace, bliss,beauty,oneness,perfection that one only has to receive. He loved and will continue to love and guide His children and humanity in heaven. His Jharna Kala Art will live and shine eternally. Like a beacon of light He illumines The Path for all.
    To know Him is to long be grow into His likeness and to know God.
    I am grateful to share this with the whole world. I am grateful to have been in His presence and will always be grateful. Gratitude Guru your daughter Dudu

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