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We are very grateful for the many kind words which have been flowing in from all corners of the world, and which illustrate how many lives Sri Chinmoy has touched, inspired and illumined in his 76 years on earth. Those of you wishing to leave a tribute please feel free to add it via the comment form below.


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  1. From a doubter you made a believer.
    From a cynic you made a sweet child.
    From a frown you made a smile.
    From a lost soul you made a self-finder and a God-seeker.
    May I learn the depth of your love and your truth to the fullest that I can…and may I never cease to thank you.

  2. Beloved Supreme,
    Wrap me in Your sweet and strong
    Compassion embrace,
    And transform, once and for all,
    My earth-bound face.

    Asatoma Sat Gamaya
    Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya
    Mrityorma Amritam Gamaya
    Aum, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

  3. At a time of confusion coping with the loss of our dearest Guru I have been inspired to share with you a beautiful passage written by a great soul. This passage I feel will help each of us better understand our brother and sister disciples and their incredible beauty and importance in manifesting our beloved Guru’s philosophy, when they may feel lost and be suffering from a lack of direction at their time of loss and uncertainty.

    “The Buddhist sangha (the Buddhist community of monks, nuns, novices, and laity) is a garden, full of many varieties of trees and flowers. When we can look at ourselves and at others as beautiful, unique flowers and trees we can truly grow to understand and love one another. One flower may bloom early in the spring and another flower may bloom in late summer. One tree may bare many fruits and another tree may offer cool shade. No one plant is greater, or lesser, or the same as any other plant in the garden. Each member of the sangha also has unique gifts to offer to the community. We each have areas that need attention as well. When we can appreciate each member’s contribution and see our weaknesses as potential for growth we can learn to live together harmoniously. Our practice is to see that we are a flower or a tree, and we are the whole garden as well, all interconnected”. ~ The Most Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh (Thây) Founder of the Unified Buddhist Church.

    Love to all,


  4. Immersed in the vast blue,
    The bird-man soared,
    Fly, fly, fly!
    O spirit luminous
    With sacred name: Sri Chinmoy!
    The moments come and go
    And You still travel
    Bathed in morning dew.
    You have become the dew itself.
    I know I’ll always be with You
    But I implore, You also stay with me.
    You are the smile in my day
    And the most beautiful star in my night.
    Forgive me, Master, please, forgive me!
    We err on our earthly path,
    And yet I trust You will forgive me
    Because You know my very human nature.
    Fly on in peace and light,
    You leave behind a sunlit trail
    So that I can forever follow You,
    Forever, for the whole Eternity.

    From my heart, with love and deep bow to You, my Master!

  5. I have spent the last couple of days writing a tribute to Guru in Sri Chinmoy

    During this time I have repeatedly gone back as inspiration directs me to make adjustments, adding and subtracting where necessary.

    In fact while my brother and sister disciples have been in New York with Guru I have been unable to sleep. My soul keeps waking me in the wee hours of the morning. I read all of the soulful posted articles and find myself once again re-visiting and re-editing my tribute.

    Today I have returned once again to the article and I find that my overwhelming feeling about Guru is his constant and tireless unconditional Self-Giving. Never in my life have a ever witnessed in anyone self-giving that is so unabated.

    But to draw comparisons is to use the limitations of the finite mind, whereas the power and energy of pure Self-Giving is from the soul, from the Infinite beauty and connectedness with the Divine.

    Now looking at my article which I shall finally post I find that all my words about Guru have fallen away. Now the only lasting word that powerfully shines through that represent to me what Guru is in his embodiment, in his essence is – Self-Giving. And of course anyone who is so Self-Giving is also boundless in their Love, because they are the embodiment of God’s infinite all-embracing, all loving consciousness, and that is what sets apart all great spiritual Master’s.


    Sahayak, Australia.

  6. gratitude.

    Sri Chinmoy, please, do a favour to me, be my heart ruler, not any more my life observer.

  7. My beloved Guru. My heart breaks with grief and the pain of separation. We are closer now. It is a sweet inner embrace. I am engulfed in your consciousness. Tears of sorrow mix with tears of joy. Come for me when the time is right. Until then I will keep my heart door open and pray you will visit often. I have been and will always be your devoted but useless disciple.

  8. Dear Beloved Guru,
    All my love and Gratititude for all You make for me and for all the brasilians disciples.
    Infinite Gratitude,
    My heart is for You only,
    Niterói-Rio de Janeiro-Brasil

  9. ” My physical death
    Is not the end of my life-
    I am an eternal journey”
    Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude,

    Niterói- Rio de Janeiro- Brasil

  10. Dear Guru, as You were and are merged with the Supreme Consciousness – You represented and represent to us, Your disciples, all the divine qualities. But it was Your unfathomable, unimaginable Love that has bound us so strongly to You and that makes us crying so bitterly now. Let us not forget that You, our Only Friend, like an actor – just played the role of a human being. But in fact You were not the body – You are something else. And that “Something Else” will continue to love us and be our only real friend throughout eternity.

  11. in december 2006 ,sunday night in queens,driving full spid j smashed the car into a light pole and ended up in a hospital badly hurt.A broken bone in the left wrist,two spine discs in the neck moved and a meniscus torn in the right knee.In lot of pain j was suggested 2 operations by 2 differant doctors.Couldn’t walk ,bend my right knee,carry anything with the hand or move my neck to the that time GURU was on the the other side of the world,and just got informed.Knowing j will never be able to run again and it would only get worst i felt as my life was over,totally helpless and hopeless.Going to therapy,taking supplements, working and all the time filing lost, scared,i cried like a child for help praying to Guru.2 months after,no operations, pain was going away,i did new mri scans and got a call from the orthopedic surgeon,2 days before Guru came back ,In his words he has never seen anything like it,the mri csan showed nothing,everithing was clear .My mind travelled to the night of the accident:3 seconds before i hit the pole in panic and disbelief i looked at the Guru’s transcedental picture and from the depth of my heart flying out came the cry SUPREME,SUPREME,SUPREME and a spark of light j could clearly see flew into the transcedental picture.J was saved at that moment,and heeled 2 moths later,by my GURU’S grace.2 days later when i saw Guru smiling,everything came to me,only becouse of his compassion and his love,j am still here. Thank you GURU,I LOVE YOU. ALEN

  12. To my dearest Guru,

    I have never met an amazing teacher like you before. I loved everything you have done for Thailand.
    I have known many people in this world, but I have only a few who understand and truly love me, one of them is my Guru.
    Because you are the shining star that brighten my life with hope. You are the strength that support
    my life. The best time in my life is when I am in meditation, in my heart I have love, in my love I always have peace. You are our hero, so sweet and true. Don’t forget to remember me. You are in my heart, your are in my days, and in my soul always. Thank God for bringing our guru to this world. I hope one day our people in this world will realize who is our Guru. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become your disciple.

    Khetty from Chiangmai, Thailand.

  13. Each day my heart swells with sorrow as I digest the news of Sri Chinmoy’s passing. He has been in my heart for nearly 30 years and will continue to be there for the rest of my life. My love for him grows each day. He is the human example of God’s purity and proof that God can be realized on earth by a human. I will miss seeing him on the occasions that I have had in the past. He is with me all the time, as always.
    My love and condolences to all the disciples who were close to guru,

    Lenny Balter

  14. Sri Chinmoy

    Sri Chinmoy embodied the spirit of peace which the world so badly needs. He did this through his poetry, his paintings, his teaching, but above all through his life and spiritual presence. Through the World Harmony Run he helped people make friends across the differences of religion, race, language, colour and culture. He enabled many of us to see these differences not as barriers but as enriching for us all. His dedicated service to the Oneness of humanity should be lifted up and remembered as an example to us all.

    I treasure the inspiring memory of meeting him and share the sadness of so many people that he is no longer with us in body, although still present in spirit. I also express the sympathy and good wishes of members of the World Congress of Faiths.

    Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke,
    President of the World Congress of Faiths

  15. Dearest Guru

    An ocean of gratitude
    For Your
    Boundless Compassion
    Countless Blessings and
    Endless Love Divine

    Aum Guru
    Jai Guru Jai

  16. Guru, you showed me a way to the deepest satisfaction and meaning of life I could ever dream of. As a matter of fact I always received from you much more that I even dreamt of. Your physical passing brought flood of tears coming from my repetence of chances missed in your physical presence and from my gratitude for your unconditional affection and concern during the years I knew you on the earth. That is what I strongly felt a few days ago when I stood in front of the physical frame you left. I also tangibly felt that you are not gone for me and for my disciple brothers and sisters because our connection with you is through the heart. I pray to you I never lose that cry my heart felt in that moment I stood there. I now feel happy and reassured that you are there always for me. With gratitude.

  17. the time I spent on your path was filled with love and devotion. thank you for being part of my life. a great soul has left this world and you will stay with love within my heart. I will try to give the people what you tought – to spread love and peace wherever I go and to make this world become a better place.

    Love Patrick

  18. Running Tribute to Sri Chinmoy

    On Sunday, October 14, 2007, only three days after Sri Chinmoy’s passing, 130 ultra-distance runners gathered in beautiful Sunken Meadow State Park in Long Island, New York, for the 8th Annual Six Hour, 60th Birthday Race sponsored by the New York Ultra Runners Club. Rich Innamorato, who heads Broadway Ultra Society, another local ultra running club and offers his services to this 6 hour race, paid his respects to Sri Chinmoy on Saturday night.

    I asked him if I could make an announcement about Sri Chinmoy’s passing and dedicate my race to Sri Chinmoy with a moment of silence. He gladly accepted and he introduced me at the starting line of the race on Sunday. He started with some kind words about the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team and the inspiration of Sri Chinmoy in the running world, especially his contributions to ultra running. He said, “But Sri Chinmoy represents more than just running events, he was a spiritual leader and great humanitarian.”

    As I offered my short tribute to Sri Chinmoy and his life of service, not only to runners but to seekers in many walks of life, the tears started to come. I stopped myself, reminding everyone that Sri Chinmoy had a series of races called ‘Runners are Smilers’, and I would try to smile with them as we ran for the next six hours. A woman named Mary then came up unexpectedly after I spoke. She went on to say that Sri Chinmoy also inspired people to run track and field. He sponsored Masters Track and Field meets that she participated in, never having run on a track before. She was so thrilled that she broke the tape in a 200m race in her age category one year and offered the credit to Sri Chinmoy who inspired her to run in these meets.

    During the race, if I looked too somber, occasionally a runner would see me and tell me to smile. A few runners said they were touched by my speech and offered sympathetic appreciation for Sri Chinmoy during and after the race as well. While I ran I tried to invoke gratitude and compassion along with the energy of light and peace which Sri Chinmoy inspired through his creative, athletic and spiritual contributions to humanity. I think runners can especially feel this and relate to his philosophy of self-transcendence as they themselves challenge their own fears and limitations, especially in a long run such as this.

    After the race, many runners came to me to offer their condolences and goodwill. Mary, who spoke at the start, offered a bouquet of flowers in honor of Sri Chinmoy. Some of the runners had tears in their eyes even though they may not have know Sri Chinmoy that well or never really met him. His influence in inspiring runners, especially long distance runners, reached far and wide in the hearts of those who challenge themselves to run.

    As we begin to adapt to the loss of the physical presence of such a great man and spiritual leader, we realize that his legacy shall live on long after physically leaving this earth. As we run and move forward in positive and dynamic ways, we are reminded of one of Sri Chinmoy’s many running poems and songs, ‘Run and Become’. The words are as follows:
    “Run and become.
    Become and run.
    Run to succeed in the outer world.
    Become to proceed in the inner world.”

    Indeed, Sri Chinmoy has run speedily in his long and illustrious life of service to humanity. He has also become the most prolific God-lover and God-server, as he inspired thousands upon thousands of people to transcend themselves in all walks of life, whether it is through sports such as running, or the arts and even in their own faith.

    In gratitude for encouraging my running for all these years,
    Arpan DeAngelo

  19. I was blessed to meet Sri Chinmoy in New York for the Closing Ceremonies of one of the International Peace Runs. Also, I was with him in Hawaii for a concert that he was performing in which he played about 50 instruments during the evening.

    He was such a inspiration of one deeply connected to Divine creativity. I have always been grateful for his gifts of pointing me to the transcendent while being immersed in creativity and using this creative connection to serve the heart of humanity. He dedicated his life to anchoring in more radiant levels of human expression.

    I honor and thank him for his love and service.

  20. I cant belive that father chinmoy is gone and we will not see or hear him anymore .he had so much love for everyone .I am going to miss him always.

  21. Our beloved Guru, the perfect channel of the Supremes light and love. An embodiment of wisdom and eternal love.

    “Gratitude for his service to the world.
    Gratitude for the inspiration he left the world.
    Gratitude for the love he bestowed on the world.
    Gratitude for the peace he offered to the world.
    Gratitude for the light he brought into the world.”

    If a student has learnt anything from their teacher, it is to live the message that their master taught. It is to embody the teachings of their master, it is to spread the light that their master offered.

    Our beloved Guru will always be remembered and honoured.

    With oneness and love,

  22. Guru,you made us very strong.YOU have showed us how to transcend our weaknesses. It is very hard to believe.My life is all gratitude to you.Your blessings are with us and will always be with us.Our mind says YOU have gone and we feel unbearable pain but our heart says that YOU are here in our very heart and will be forever,forever our Beloved GURU.

  23. My beloved Guru Sri Chinmoy,

    My heart is full of gratitude to you,
    For your love, compassion and concern.
    My heart is full of gratitude to you,
    For all the inner gifts you are bringing,
    My heart is full of gratitude to you,
    Because in spite my imperfections,
    There is a place for me in your heart.
    My heart is full of gratitude to you,
    For you made me realize your existence.
    And your existence is my existence.
    My beloved Guru,
    My love for you is timeless, space less and endless.
    My beloved GuruDev,
    I will search for you,
    I will cry for you,
    Until I merge with you completely.

    Your’s Jasmina

  24. with your guidance I learnt more about gratitude, light and love.
    Lighting stars without fear in big spaces?
    Disappointment and sadness may be parts of a landscape we create and not only in our extremest situations we want to be better knowers of our heart melody.
    Thank you for your creation

  25. My Beloved Guru,

    I clearly felt that you have not left us. Because everytime I think of you, i can feel your divine presense more than ever before. You merely discard the mortal frame, but you are still here with us, even more than ever before. You are truly not the body, you are beyond the body. Now that you have discarded the physical body, you are even more formidable to serve the Supreme in humanity. So long as we keep our consciousness on you, you will come to us. You are continuing to serve and fulfill your Lord in us. You are birthless and timeless. So long as we can keep our consciousness on you, you will come to us.

    So dear brothers and sisters, Guru is still alive! He has not gone. He is still alive! He is more than alive, he is everywhere, he can be anywhere. His eternal cosmic game is going on. Guru is an eternal journey and his physical death is not the end.

    Rejoice! Victory! Jai Sri Chinmoy Jai!

  26. Guru, my heart is happy now. I think your life was unusual gift for the planet. For me, for my gratitude heart. Forever.

  27. Shocked by the news of Sri Chinmoy having left our world so unexpectedly, we feel proud to have known this great guru, loyal friend and enduring supporter of our common efforts. We trust his positive influence on world affairs will be continued in his remembrance. Our feelings of sorrow are with his followers, who will miss him dearly.

    Dunya Verwey, Comprehensive Dialogue among Civilizations (Netherlands)

    Jurn Buisman, Maecenas World Patrimony Foundation

  28. I have been in New York for a week now, having arrived from my home several hours north of Queens on the evening of the day of Sri Chinmoy’s passing. Over a thousand people have come together in a spirit of community, prayer, meditation, vigil and memorial tribute.
    As I try to pull myself together from my sorrow today, the day after his burial, I find tremendous consolation and support in reading through these beautiful tributes shared here from around the world.
    In the week before Sri Chinmoy’s death, I had been planning a prasad for my 22nd disciple anniversary to be made by Aranyani and given the end of this month. I hope that the spirit of gratitude that prompted this wish to make a small offering for the 22 years of guidance in my life can blossom into an offering for the rest of my life of the bottomless ocean of giving that I find in the blessing of being a disciple of Sri Chinmoy.

  29. My Beloved Gurudev,
    Forever you have returned to your eternal home,
    the highest Consciousness-ocean of bliss.
    The tears of my human heart I place at your feet,
    The oneness-gratitude of my life,
    Forever Yours humbly shall be.
    Guru, I love You,
    Guru, I adore You forever.

  30. I’ve no word to express my sorrow over demise of Sri Chinmoy, Dada Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh.
    As his immediate neighbor for over three years in Briarwood-Jamaica, New York, I’ve experienced firsthand the charisma of Sri Chinmoy, through his peace-promoting activities and his impact on community. No doubt he was a remarkable human being with full of love and passion for peace around the world.
    While interviewing him in 2001 at his sports facility in Jamaica, I asked him about his mission, the humble human from Chittagong (currently in Bangladeh), said: “To spread love and peace around the world.” And this is what exactly he was doing.
    I would sorely miss Chinmoy da’s presence.

  31. Beloved Guru of my life,
    I place all my gratitude before you as I know that you have given every second of your life for us, that we may reach on day what you have already achieved.
    You are still alive and will always be alive as your consciousness is living forever in you writings, your music, your pictures, your art and in each and every remembrance that is imprinted in our hearts.
    When I look at a picture from you you smile at me as always. Your voice is whispering in my heart as always. You are the Inner Pilot in my heart. Forever.
    One day mankind will know and treasure what you have done for it.
    Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

  32. Dearest, dearest Guru.
    My heart is broken. I have lost my beloved Guru and my best friend. Over the past 35 years you have asked nothing from me, and given, given, given. You gave me so many gifts, inner and outer, You always greeted me with a smile– “Ba, ba, Gariyasi ” This gave my heart immense joy.
    You were completely unique in the world. No other human displayed such spiritual and physical power along with an unprecedented fountain of creativity. A light has gone out in the world. In our feeble way we will continue your work to the best of our ability.
    You loved words, so I will end with a quote from the greatest wordsmith of them all.

    Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

    With eternal love and gratitude

    Your disciple and sister


  33. Great souls like Sri Chinmoy know not only the best moment to be born but also the best moment to leave the body. They finish their part in a great Cosmic Game when everything possible was already done. I am sure, Sri Chinmoy will use even his so-called death to give a special lesson for his students and to give more and new love, more and new inspiration for all human beings. It will be totally new expirience of following the part of heart, following the part of true love for each and every student of a great Guru. I can only say, everythng only starts now… Sri Chinmoy’s earthly life is just a beginning of totally new age that will last for a long long time on our beloved mother earth.

  34. Dearest sweetest Guru,
    I cannot even begin to say how I feel.I was so shocked when I heard. It feels unreal and strange to know you are no longer here. I keep trying to write something that makes sense. Nothing does and yet everything does. Though our paths seperated a little some time ago.
    Since I was 6 years old, you have been a light and strength and mentor and a sweet loving guru, and that never changed and never will change. Gratitude gratitude gratitude for everything you have done.
    My dearest Guru, I am so saddened! but I know you will be watching over me, and you will be with my dearest mother and grandmother, and that you are now in a greater higher place. You are all behind a thin curtain, that is so close yet so far but one that is thin none the less. Perhaps I may hear you one day soon.
    peace, love,light and gratitude.
    You will be forever in my heart.

  35. I am happy and sad. I am happy to have spent half of my life with the spiritual guidance, light and inspiration of a great master-soul. I am sad that he entered into Mahasamadhi on my birthday, October 11, and that he couldn’t get this year’s Nobel Price for Peace, for which he had been nominated by countless prominent figures from around the world.

    When I attended a lecture by one of Sri Chinmoy’s students on October 27, 1978 together with my wife, I could not imagine, what impact this first contact would bring into my life. I can only witness that my relationship with Sri Chinmoy became stronger and deeper from year to year. Not only got my life a new and true meaning, I could watch myself being drenched with the infinite bliss of a great spiritual Master who brings humanity a big step forward towards infinite light – a goal, that seems to be very distant in current times, but inevitably will become reality in the distant future.

    I am happy and I am sad. I am happy and full of deepest gratitude for all I could learn, experience and change to the better in my life. I am sad to have lost the outer being of Sri Chinmoy on October 11, 2007, when the message of his passing struck me and all his many thousands of students worldwide like a thunderbolt. After seeing him for a last time on his beloved tennis court area in Queens, NY, that he affectionately called “Aspiration-Ground”, my sorrow was immense. Then I remembered his last poem, that he released in book form the night before his passing:

    My physical death
    Is not the end of my life –
    I am an eternal journey.

    The journey goes on, and more than ever I will continue to transform my human weaknesses and strive for melting with his light that he so powerfully manifested through his 76 years on earth. I am sure that I will not be the only one who will try to multiply the accumulated inspiration, that Sri Chinmoy offered us all the years. I deeply hope that his goals to help this world to become a better and more peaceful place, will become reality before it is too late. Watch my continuous video and photo contributions on and the Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries.

  36. Jai Sri Hari.

    Sri Chinmoy was definitely a divine personality who will live on in the hearts of many the world over. May he rest in peace, and may God bless and comfort his disciples during this time of need.

    Janardana Dasa

    Conyers, Georgia

  37. As a close friend of our family we call him chinmoyda, when ever he visited his spiritual home town of pondicherry i never missed to meet him in my in-laws house. i was gifted everytime to take him round in my car. Today i am honoured to live in his house and our whole family is grieved on his demise.
    we pray to the Divine mother for his soul to rest in peace.

  38. Among the countless talents and gifts you have, the power to become one with others and the power to uplift the consciousness of others are the 2 main divine gift.

    As you wrote, the death of the physical body is not the end. Your uplifting power remains in the consciousness world and is available to all mankind, thanks to the millions of traces you left in the earth sphere: your songs, books, talks and initiatives.

    Meeting you on my life’s journey, “is” and not was the greatest gift, the greatest honor and the greatest delight.

    With all my Smiles and Heart’s Gratitude Tears
    Yours, Subimal

  39. I wish to extend my deepest sympathies to everyone in the Sri Chinmoy centre. I was a former member and my father still is. I have many fond memories of him from my younger years and are sad that he has passed on.

  40. Gratitude Guru, Gratitude, I am always with you, more than ever. You blessed me and my life. Gratitude Guru

  41. Guru Sri Chinmoy was the God man of All God men…He
    lived and breathed for the Supreme every time All the
    Time….He will be missed, His energy phenomenal. His
    promise of love, devotion and Surrender the
    best….Only we His Disciples will understand the
    gravity of this loss, for we were with him on a daily
    basis….We wish all God Lovers to pause and reflect
    on the Heart love of the Good and Great Man Guru Sri
    Chinmoy…There Will Be no More Like Him…We must
    cherish his existence every day all day till the end
    of time with a smile of love and heart of cries and a
    life of Devotion to God…Eternally we will miss you
    Guru, Love Your Narada Michael Walden

    Narada Michael Walden

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