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We are very grateful for the many kind words which have been flowing in from all corners of the world, and which illustrate how many lives Sri Chinmoy has touched, inspired and illumined in his 76 years on earth. Those of you wishing to leave a tribute please feel free to add it via the comment form below.


485 thoughts on “Tributes to Sri Chinmoy – please feel free to contribute”

  1. I always thought that knowledge will eventually help us overcome the world’s biggest problems, or, equivalently, the personal problems we have. Now I feel that wisdom is needed for that — wisdom from books that do not contain a single bad word, wisdom from songs that make neither sad nor agressive, and wisdom from paintings so peaceful and vivid. Without you, Sri Chinmoy, hope of the world, I would have remained a man blind in mind and heart.

  2. Dear Guru,
    I’ll miss you but each time I look at your photo I feel your presence in my heart. You inspired the strongest devotion in me and your teachings changed my life forever.

    You’ve been an amazing example of a life profoundly lived.

    With Love and Gratitude,

  3. Master,

    I feel you in my heart, but cry outwardly at your passing.
    Gratitude and Gratitude

    A very big Namaste,

  4. Dear Sri Chinmoy, these days I feel the whole Earth is saying goodbye to you and is giving endless thanks for your enlightening work. You are the aspiration of this Earth, and the blessings of poems, music, strength, peace actons and meditation you leave here are ever-vibrating in the hearts of humanity. Thank you so much for the Supreme beauty of your soul that had been incarnated on Earth.
    There is sorrow and joy at the same time. Sorrow for you left the Earth and Joy for no more physical boundaries limiting you. It feels like an explosion of light.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you… and oneness to all your children.

  5. Your departure was so unexpected for me. Please forgive me that I was unable to accept all the light you had been giving me.

  6. My Guru

    When under golden wings I flew high
    and when through troubled waters I did not sink
    my Guardian Angel was there to push me up
    …to pull me high
    He was my Guru

    When I seek enlightenment in the wild
    and when through hard obstacles I survive
    my Master is there to guide me
    …to rescue me
    He is my Guru

    When I shall pass to another life
    And when I shall face my sins
    my Father will be there to lead me
    …to save me
    He will be my Guru

    (to Sri Chinmoy with utmost love, Gennaro)

  7. Thank You Sri Chinmoy
    For You have kindle this flame within
    Thank You Guru
    For You have sleeplessly and breathlessly (as you like to say) show us the way
    Thank You My Lord
    For You have make us realise how close You were to us.
    Just there deep in our heart
    Thank You Master you make me realise that
    My Master is my heart and My heart is my Master
    We all know there is one way to thank you, it is to manifest to the world the authenticity of Your Light.

  8. I have come to know this day of Gurudev Sri Chinmoy transition from this earth. Sri Chinmoy’s bringing of Divine meditation & spirituality of the highest calibre in Oneness Heart unifying us under our Creator Supreme God message is now embraced by the whole world.
    In the beginning of east being brought to west, spiritual aspirants had to seek refuge in heaven on earth places created by ascended Master Sri Chinmoy.
    Now surrounding me are many gifted, enlightened souls easily available to me in daily life and many places to go that have spiritualized energy and there is a tremendous out pouring of light now on earth.
    Heaven and earth have unified as are global aspiring humanity united in our belief and efforts to manifest Peace or our Creator in each heart on this earth.
    We have achieved transcendence of Humanity, the beginning of a Divine Earth & Divine Humanity. As we transcend I know awaiting us, prepared is our new home where Gurudev is, ever beckoning us onward to the Eternal Beyond.

  9. My guru is still alive, in my heart, in my soul, where he always has been. He brings me the greatest peace I have ever known. peace, shanti, aum. Thank you guru.

  10. I was fortunate to visit, meditate, and be blessed by the most honorable Sri Chinmoy as a young man in 1973 on a trip to New York and Connecticut. The integrity of his spiritual presence truly humbled my soul, and brought out my tears of longing to meet such a true embodiment of spiritual peace, love, humor, deep presence with dignified power, beyond the world’s definitions of power. I am forever grateful that this encounter, and abiding presence of his in my heart of hearts, which has stayed with me my entire life. I feel blessed to have had this encounter, and been shown the validity of true spiritual longings fulfillment. He was a true embodiment of his soul’s greatness. Much gratitude, and I know his presence lives on in the hearts and minds and spirits of all the beings he touched in his magnificent life. Words can not do justice to this great soul. May he live forever in the collective spiritual heart of humanity. Namaste, Jerry

  11. Thank you for this opportunity to share my comments…on a great soul/being, I was fortunate enough to help illuminate my own life, and acknowledge the deepest longings of my own soul’s spiritual quest. Blessings forever, Jerry (please save this, and my previous comment) I feel forever indebted to this great man’s generous outreach to me, as a young, troubled man in his 20’s, who helped teach me how to live and practice a life of integrity…now in my 50’s, I only hope I can muster even a small portion of his grace and greatness in my own continued living…

  12. sorry for any typos, etc in previous comments. LOVE still connects us all. Though I was saddened to hear of his passing from this plane of existence, which I am so very much attached to, I know he lives on beyond in realms I can only imagine the majesty of…Namaste, Jerry

  13. What a wonderful experience it was being his disciple! Life provides many opportunities and I am so glad I answered his call. There are literally thousands of moments etched into my heart of being at many meditations with him, playing tennis and serving 100+ mph serves to him, running with him, laughing and joking over the littlest things! He would ask me to lift weights for him, competing with Teyjian and Bhima, and one time I was so nervous my arm went numb! In one photo I am struggling with a 200 pond dumbell just feet from him as he looked on, so charmed by the event! But the single day I reflect on most, was the dedication of Chinmoy Lane in Connecticut where I had the most spectacular experience of my life, completely inundated by his transcendental love. After months I can not believe he is no longer with us in the physical. So many visions and experiences! His gold aura filled the church at Stanford University! Many times I saw him encapsulated in blue light! I learned so much from experiences of his love and concern. Aspiration was so easy, just be there and enjoy his inspiration!

    Love Prakash

  14. Soulful men like Sri Chinmoy are a catalyst to the evolution of the consciousness of mankind, to the point of liberation from all that holds us back from becoming divine.

  15. I feel blessed that I chanced upon Sri Chinmoy’s teachings. It has lent conviction to my perception of divinity and non-duality. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity to learn from a self-realized soul.
    Jai Gurudev!

  16. la réalité ,c’est celle en laquelle nous vous,maitre,vous croyez en l’eternité….merci encore pour votre merci a ceux qui m’ont rapproché de vous.Vous etes eternel dans ma réalité.

  17. I have, only just now, learned of my Master’s passing.

    Kindly join me in offering a few moments of silent meditation in honor of our Beloved Sri Chinmoy. . .

    It is 5:52am on January 18th, 2008. My name is Joseph Cerna. I am an ex-disciple. Although I officially left Sri Chinmoy’s path many years ago. . . I never actually felt, inwardly, that my inner connection to Sri Chinmoy had ever been severed. To be clear, I left the path for personal reasons, not because I ever found fault in the path. Sri Chinmoy’s path was absolutely pure, innocent, and good. That period of my life was the greatest time of my life. I had the privilege to run with the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team holding the peace torch high, as we ran through Amarillo, Texas in 1999, I joyously spoke with my Guru, face to face, in Jamaica, Queens, New York at Aspiration Ground as he handed me a blessed ice cream sandwich, I helped to advertise throughout Manhattan for a Peace Concert Guru held in Central Park, and I meditated with Aklilu Gebrewold, the Center Leader, in Austin, Texas as a member of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Club. When the Buddha passed, he told Ananda, his greatest disciple, “Do not weep for me, be a light unto your self.” I know that Guru would have had similar sentiments. Guru was an Avatar. God descended to Man-status. He played the highest role a soul can play in the cosmic game of life. He lived solely to benefit the whole of humanity with his divine consciousness and surrendered will to our Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme (God). He was my Master. He is my Master. He will always be my Master. A great light has been extinguished only in physical form. For my beloved Guru, Sri Chinmoy, will never die. His teachings, like his fellow Avatars, Jesus Christ and The Buddha, will live on forever. As my Guru taught me, we are working with Infinity, Eternity and Immortality. Death is just like walking from one room to another. Guru, you are still alive in my heart and I will follow your teachings until the day, I too, return to my Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme. I am happy that I took a trip to visit you on your birthday a few years ago, in which I just happened to be standing outside of Aspiration Ground at the entrance when you arrived sitting in the passenger seat of the car which had brought you. And as you passed by me, with window down, only a few feet away from my face, you smiled and looked into my eyes with recognition and love. With folded hands, I, too, smiled as I mouthed, “I love you Guru”. This moment, I will never forget. I close this comment with an old Indian saying of which I feel Guru embodied perfectly, “When you were born you cried and the world rejoiced, live your life in such a manner, that when you die, the world cries. . . and you rejoice.”

    You will be missed, but never forgotten. We love you Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, Sri Chinmoy, our beloved teacher, friend, and Master. Good-bye Guru.


  18. Just a very small suggestion… I find that it would make more sense to number the tributes in the reverse order than what you have now. That way a tribute always has the same number associated with it rather than a changing number. Continue to display them in the same order as you do now.

    from Ottawa

  19. I belonged to the sri Chimnoy group in Melbourne about !8 Years ago. I have sinced got married and my life has changed enormously.
    I have alway carried with me the things I learned while I was with the group.
    I have only recently learned of his passing and it makes me very sad. My husband was never apart of the group but things i have passed on to him he has remembered and learned from.

    Thankyou for helping me find the inner peace i was looking for.

    Kathy Croft

  20. I feel that the greatest tribute we can make to Sri Chinmoy is to read his writings and sing his songs; to pray and meditate regularly; to love ourselves and our lives a little more; to be sincerely happy and self-giving. A fitting tribute would be to take as much as we can from his teachings and example and live progressive spiritual lives making determined efforts to transcend our limitations. If we do this, I am sure it would make Sri Chinmoy feel that the 76 year effort he made for mankind was being truly appreciated and utilised – a fitting tribute, par excellence.
    With gratitude,

  21. I can truely see this man was a creation of his God. I believe I may just be starting on the same road he was on, but his life’s message and guidance is now and will be inspirational to me. Thank You.

  22. If all Religious were like Sri Chinmoy, then one will proudly say all roads lead to Heaven.this is because when I read about him I was so touched that, I almost equated him to Christ.
    In all my prayers I think about you.

  23. If all Religious were like Sri Chinmoy, then one will proudly say all roads lead to Heaven.this is because when I read about him I was so touched that, I almost equated him to Christ.
    In all my prayers I think about you.

  24. It has been years since Guru’s passing, yet still, I’d like to give my humble tribute here.
    It has been a while.
    Sri Chinmoy shall always be remembered as a shining prophet of God, I am sure of it.

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