Sri Chinmoy 1931-2007: thousands gather in tribute to a humble soul

Thousands of Sri Chinmoy’s students, friends, admirers and well-wishers from all around the globe are gathering in Sri Chinmoy’s home district of Jamaica Hills, New York to remember this soul whose life was one long outpouring of service to humanity. Sri Chinmoy’s body has been made available available for viewing by his students and wellwishers 24 hours a day, and a growing stream of visitors have begun to fly in from all corners of the globe.

There is a tremendous sense of peace and stillness emanating from the place where the casket is currently lying, with incense wafting through the air and recordings of Sri Chinmoy’s soul-stirring singing being played in the background. Despite their sadness at his passing, Sri Chinmoy’s students have not forgotten that his main mission was to train them to be of service to humanity, and many of his New-York based students have gone to great lengths to make sure all the visiting students are looked after at very short notice.

In these difficult times, the large international family that is Sri Chinmoy’s students have been a great source of mutual support and strength to each other. In mourning the passing of Sri Chinmoy’s mortal body, we will never forget that the love, inspiration and inner peace he showed to all is a gift that will last for eternity.

2 thoughts on “Sri Chinmoy 1931-2007: thousands gather in tribute to a humble soul”

  1. “My physical death
    Is not the end of my life –
    I am an eternal journey.”

    Sri Chinmoy
    final prayer-poem published during his lifetime

  2. I know only one thing,
    In my heart you are alive, more then ever.
    My gratitude and love for each and every second you
    gave to me. I was blessed with a few. Thank You Guru.

    Nish centre

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