Selected Tributes to Sri Chinmoy III

Sri Chinmoy embodied the spirit of peace which the world so badly needs. He did this through his poetry, his paintings, his teaching, but above all through his life and spiritual presence. Through the World Harmony Run he helped people make friends across the differences of religion, race, language, colour and culture. He enabled many of us to see these differences not as barriers but as enriching for us all. His dedicated service to the Oneness of humanity should be lifted up and remembered as an example to us all.

I treasure the inspiring memory of meeting him and share the sadness of so many people that he is no longer with us in body, although still present in spirit. I also express the sympathy and good wishes of members of the World Congress of Faiths.

Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke,
President of the World Congress of Faiths


“His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the Art of Living family are with you in this moment of grief. Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy of peace and his work of bringing people from all faiths together will continue to inspire the world.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Art of Living


How deeply moved are are to hear of our dear Sri Chinmoy’s departure to the Siva Loka, where he now reigns in his golden body of light, free from the limits and discomforts of the mortal sheath. In Guru’s poem, Nirvana, he wrote, “No mind, no form, I only exist; Now ceased all will and thought. The final end of Nature’s dance, I am It whom I have sought.”

For Bodhinatha and all of Gurudeva’s mathavasis at Kauai Aadheenam in Hawaii, he was a unique inspiration, living proof of the Divine possibilities within mankind. He was one of the few who spoke of God-Realization from his own experience in much the same profound manner as our Gurudeva. How he exuded love. How he showed the way of goodness and gentleness. How he lived so we might all live more perfectly, serve more selflessly. Our several encounters with him both in Kauai and New York were precious moments of joy. We are deeply appreciative to you for faciltiating these gifted moments.

On Behalf of the Monks
of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery in Hawaii
founded in 1970 by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (1927-2001)


Guru Sri Chinmoy was the God man of All God men…He
lived and breathed for the Supreme every time All the
Time….He will be missed, His energy phenomenal. His
promise of love, devotion and Surrender the
best….Only we His Disciples will understand the
gravity of this loss, for we were with him on a daily
basis….We wish all God Lovers to pause and reflect
on the Heart love of the Good and Great Man Guru Sri
Chinmoy…There Will Be no More Like Him…We must
cherish his existence every day all day till the end
of time with a smile of love and heart of cries and a
life of Devotion to God…Eternally we will miss you
Guru, Love Your Narada Michael Walden

Narada Michael Walden


Shocked by the news of Sri Chinmoy having left our world so unexpectedly, we feel proud to have known this great guru, loyal friend and enduring supporter of our common efforts. We trust his positive influence on world affairs will be continued in his remembrance. Our feelings of sorrow are with his followers, who will miss him dearly.

Dunya Verwey, Comprehensive Dialogue among Civilizations (Netherlands)

Jurn Buisman, Maecenas World Patrimony Foundation


Representing Ananda Marga of UK, I wish to say that we send our deepest consolation to the devotees of Sri Chinmoy.

He was a man, as I understand, who gave his life to helping people to find a spiritual path and to encourage and help people to find not only inner peace, but to reach out to find their fullest potential and to work to make this world a better place to live for everyone.

I am sure that his good teachings and example will stay in people’s hearts for a long time.

Dada Jyotirupananda

Most beloved emanation of Infinite Love,

Thank you for bestowing humanity with 76 years of God’s unique flavor that is you. This world is far richer, and My own embodiment ever sweeter, to have been kissed by the nectar of your eternal love.

The music of your immortal soul shall resound in My heart–and in all hearts–now and forevermore…

With My love and eternal blessing,

Bhagavan Sri Pranananda
(Louix Dor Dempriey)
Bhagavan Sri Pranananda

Sri Chinmoy was an inspiration for me throughout my running career, as he helped advance the sport of “ultrarunning”. He will be missed, but his legacy of several gifts – including music, poetry, weightlifting and advocating physical activity will live on. But most of all, his love and message of peace superceded all his other endeavors.

Al “Ultra” Prawda


I sent this letter to the New York Times : The liberal Israeli novelist Amos Oz once wrote that, at the end of the 20th century, we had all expected to enter the 21st century, and what a surprise that instead we would head into the 9th, of religious war and extremism. And so it was a bittersweet pleasure to read in the Times its extensive generous coverage of the death of Sri Chinmoy, who recognized the
inherently peaceful nature of all the world’s religions.
For many decades, and even more urgently now in Oz’s strife-torn “9th century,” Chinmoy has been one of the world’s most exuberant and appealing voices, including through music and painting and poetry, for moderation and healing and reconciliation. He will be missed, and yet his universal message will be carried forward, both by his community and by all peoples of similar views — whether or not they have even heard of him — of all the world’s faiths and outlooks.

James Adler


I’ve no word to express my sorrow over demise of Sri Chinmoy, Dada Chinmoy Kumar Ghosh.
As his immediate neighbor for over three years in Briarwood-Jamaica, New York, I’ve experienced firsthand the charisma of Sri Chinmoy, through his peace-promoting activities and his impact on community. No doubt he was a remarkable human being with full of love and passion for peace around the world.
While interviewing him in 2001 at his sports facility in Jamaica, I asked him about his mission, the humble human from Chittagong (currently in Bangladeh), said: “To spread love and peace around the world.” And this is what exactly he was doing.
I would sorely miss Chinmoy da’s presence.

Ravi Adhikari


My condolences to Sri Chinmoy’s disciples. I first met him through several of you at the UN in NY and attended a number of his peace meditations in the 1980s there. I was fortunate to have several powerful spiritual insights and experiences when meditating with Guru. Though physically gone, his power-radiant-soul- light will continue to inspire many of us to act more lovingly and be closer to God. Peace to all of you and peace amongst us all.

Eileen Kane


I was blessed to meet Sri Chinmoy in New York for the Closing Ceremonies of one of the International Peace Runs. Also, I was with him in Hawaii for a concert that he was performing in which he played about 50 instruments during the evening.

He was such a inspiration of one deeply connected to Divine creativity. I have always been grateful for his gifts of pointing me to the transcendent while being immersed in creativity and using this creative connection to serve the heart of humanity. He dedicated his life to anchoring in more radiant levels of human expression.

I honor and thank him for his love and service.

Oman Ken

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