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Photo By: Ranjit Swanson,
Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

What a sad thing to happen to such a great man. I hope one day he will be awarded the Nobel Price. I believe that the best way to remember him is to maintain the Harmony Torch Run all over the world.

Frank Macha, Sports Development Officer
Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports, Tanzania


I am very sorry to know of the passing on of Sri Chinmoy. He has done so much to awaken mankind to the higher paths of life that can bring harmony and peace. You are all dedicated to the cause which has to continue for the good of mankind.

Swami Nirliptanda
Bharat Sevashram Sangha, London, UK.


Hari Om!
The good old Yoga Masters are dead and gone today.
Beloved Sri Chinmoy was one of the last of the old Rishis from India. Old Narayananandaji (1902-1988) from The RamaKrishna mission, and Chinmoy (1931-2007), were the 2 best yoga teachers I have ever met personally. Chinmoy was a great musician too. We saw him in Oslo Norway two times.
God bless you people out there!
Long live the memory of Sri Chinmoy.
A very peaceful man with a good condition…
Om Tat Sat…

Shiva Nataraja brahmachari


He was a gentle man with enormous strength. I had the wonderful opportunity to hear his poetry and see his drawings. His spirit will live on in all of us.

Ram Devineni


Dearest Revered Guruji,
When you lifted me up on Nov ‘03 in Singapore,
I was inspired to perform in Raga Revathi a piece titled, “Manida Janmam”. After performing it on my Bansuri (flute) and having realised that the melody came not just through my fingers but from my heart instead. it was a radical change showered from YOU, the divine grace. You then lifted both my late mother (my source of inspiration in my musical journey) and myself again. How fortunate indeed I am to get this rarest opportunity by YOU who gave me an ‘ode to joy’ to perform every time now from my heart. You not only being a great Guru, but all the human being in the highest sense of the term, much above and much nobler and who is the symbol of the glory of human life ~ Dearest Guruji, I’ve realised the devotion and dedication to music even more absolute self-surrender as my music is Thine.
Revered Guruji, as you attain Maha Samadhi, I shall venture further my musical journey with Thy Guidance and continue my humanitarian service to mankind that am always eagerly aspire to do so. That same Revathy piece which I performed in front of you was dedicated to you along with my senior students during the 9-day Dassera Festival in various temples here as my tribute to YOU.


Hi! Although I only meditated with Sri Chinmoy in the early 1970’s for a short time he left me with a strong impression of his Samadhi states. Now he is blended into the World Soul and returned to the Source of All. Ashk (Spiritual Love) to All.

Sheikh Majid Buell al Mevlevi ar Rifai.


I was very surprised to hear of Guru Sri Chinmoy’s Mahasamadhi.I personally met him on 14th sept 2007 at New York.He told me “Everyone’s contribution makes the world more beautiful”. I believe his presence everywhere.

Adrish brahmadatta


I have dipped into Sri Chinmoy’s daily readings for years now – the quality and subtlety of his mind never ceases to amaze me. His life was an inspiration to so many. A great soul has passed.

Sandra Kyle


My brother and I live in Cyprus and are not disciples of Sri Chinmoy. In 1981 we attended a group meditation in Queens New York. The Guru had just come back from his Christmas holidays. During the meditation he gave us the MOST important experience of our lives. A wave of light from his third eye filled the room, entered our bodies, our minds, our souls. It cleansed us and filled us with so much love. We felt like balloons filled with love. We think he gave us a glimpse of enlightenment. We loved everybody and everything. We felt so much full of wisdom. We even knew what infinity is. Our lives have never been the same since then. We still have his photos in our house and often pray to him. My father who is sick in hospital also has his photo by his bed. We never saw Sri Chinmoy since then but we both agree he was the most important person we ever happened to meet. Sri Chinmoy, even though we were not your disciples we love you and we want to thank you for everything. George and Petros, Cyprus

George & Petros Petropoulos


I received Initiation from Guru back in the early 1970’s!
Even though I did not remain at the Center, Guru’s influence has been the bed-rock of my spiritual existence.
I recognized him immediately when First I saw him.
We never understand what we have until it is no longer available.
Sri Chinmoy’s Spirit must indeed, be eternal!


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Photo By: Ranjit Swanson, Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

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