Selected Tributes to Sri Chinmoy II

Sri Chinmoy

We continue to receive an overwhelming number of kind words and tributes about Sri Chinmoy. This is a small selection from the past 2 days.


From: Prince Dipokusumo

Yogyakarta, Indonesia,
October 15, 2007

Dear Our Beloved Guru Sri Chinmoy,

We can’t believe when we heard about you but we believe that you are still there as always for the whole word with your big love.

Thank you so much for your love and joy to our family and many people in our country, Indonesia.

Having a beautiful experience with you in Jamaica, New York in June 2006 is an unforgettable memory. We remember that we went to court everyday for meditating, singing, and listening your beautiful music; we followed you meditating in UN; we gathered with the others to celebrate Father’s Day; we took a nice picture in front of your house; we visited your wonderful museum and celebrated Prince Dipokusumo and also Adhityo’s birthday.

Then several months after we came back to our home town, a beautiful, cute and adorable baby girl was born. We name her Saraswati. It has so much bless we have that we can’t write one by one.

A beautiful memory on the Christmas trip in Penang, February 2006 that we were there for the whole family and you lifted us up. It was a remarkable experience. Another memory that keep in mind when you and your brother, Sinuhun met for the first time in the real world in the Surakarta Palace in 2003. Hopefully, you will meet him in the beautiful and peace place.

Also we still remember when you lifted up Prince Dipokusumo and his big family from Surakarta Palace in 2003 with the witness of Sinuhun. It was a remarkable memory that we never forget.

You are our inspiration and motivator to create many beautiful things in this life….

… Guru,
We won’t say good bye to you because we believe that you have a special duty from GOD. Your spirit, your love, your energy, and your soul will still leave in our heart, forever.

Many thanks for our beloved Guru, father, uncle, grandfather Sri Chinmoy. We love you.

From Surakarta Palace — Indonesia
Prince Dipokusumo
Princess Febri
Adhityo, Maharani, Gayatri, Saraswati
Hartono Brotoasmoro


finding one’s way in life is difficult even in the best of times
the presence of inspiring human beings is the surest way of receiving help and guidance in these matters
5 years of my life were spent under the direct tutelege of sri chinmoy
there are but a few real and true human beings to whom i will never ever be able to repay my debt of gratitude.
the principle reason for this is that they have transcended the merely human and attained the all.
sri chinmoy is one of these human beings my gratitude to him will remain forever endless.

– Mahavishnu


A big soul has left this world, a great spirit went on a journey, a unique personality has touched many hearts and will always be with us.

Brigitte McMahon – Olympic Champion Triathlon


“We have lost a great spiritual leader. The world is a poorer place without Sri Chinmoy. I am grateful he has left such a legacy of work and teachings with us and I am sure his spirit will continue to work through many of us.”

– Alison Streeter

Swum the English Channel 43 times; holder of the record for the most crossings.


Sri Chinmoy’s life has been dedicated to spread peace and harmony around the world. With his generosity and positive energy he has touched the hearts of millions. Like his soul his message will live forever.

Francois Gay – Mr. Olympia Natural Bodybuilding


Sri Chinmoy’s name was introduced to us through World Harmony Run and we thought what a great man this was to initiate something so ’simple’ yet meaningful to pass the message of peace and harmony. We applaud his effort and may the Run continues on as an ongoing tribute to this great man. Our deepest condolence and sympathies to those close to him.

Harlinah Rahman

From Darussalam Mosque, Singapore


When we remember our beloved Guru, the sweetest person who ever lived, the universe itself is not big enough to hold our tears. But now we have to go deep within and try to realise Sri Chinmoy the Divine. He is here. He is inside every heart, inside our life-breath, whispering, “Go on!” We must not fail him.

Dr. Vidagdha Bennett


I have never been able to truly comprehend all that I know was done for me through Sri Chinmoy, but the one true thing I knew was that there was a miracle action moving through me from the first day that I met him. And because of his earthly presence my life was changed for eternity- to see clearly my soul’s mission, to know that there can be only one outcome in life; to one day know God as Sri Chinmoy has known God.

Anukampa Lisa Walden


During my last fews years of living near Guru’s center in Jamaica, I have known him from close proximity. He lifted me and my mother. When he used to see me on the street or shops, he used to talk to me, in bengali. We used to talk breifly and say hello to each other. What a wonderful man !! I feel proud to be from Chittagong, where guru was born. Guru – Thank you so much for giving me a chance to know you, to talk you. Bless me from heaven. You will be missed, but not forgoten.



Dearest Guru,

At the Khumba Mela of 1977 in Prayag (Allahabad) India, I gave a copy of your beautiful Jharna Kala rose to Ma Anandamoyee. She looked at it for a very,very long time while saying atcha, atcha,atcha which means wonderful,wonderful,wonderful.


Sri Chinmoy was an amazing person. I am so glad that he was a part of my life. Watching all those years of his “Lifting up the World” campaign, brought thousands of people together. Meeting his supporters and their true love for his teachings.

The world has lost a true peace-making person, he should have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He traveled around the world bringing leaders to his side and each walked away with something more. If you had that opportunity to meet and be with Guru, you know what I mean.

Karen Clark


As a close friend of our family we call him chinmoyda, when ever he visited his spiritual home town of pondicherry i never missed to meet him in my in-laws house. i was gifted everytime to take him round in my car. Today i am honoured to live in his house and our whole family is grieved on his demise.
we pray to the Divine mother for his soul to rest in peace.



Sri Chinmoy will be sadly missed by his disciples and anyone whose heart he has touched. Through his spiritual teachings, he has made us aware of our Supreme, our God and our inner pilot who are one and the same.

He ranks among the greatest spiritual teachers that have ever graced this earth.

He has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which in our opinion, he has earned many times over for his good works toward achieving lasting peace in the world.

He will live for ever in the hearts of his disciples and will continue to be concerned about our spiritual well
being as he has promised.

John N Dion


I’ve never met Sri Chinmoy, but I feel as if I know
him personally. I’ve been eating at his follower’s
restaurants in Evanston, Il, San Francisco, CA &
Melbourne, Australia since my college days (30 plus years) and a true sense of peace and serenity always
washes over me when I enter one of them -what
a respite from the madness of the “outside” world!
I’ve enjoyed reading Sri Chinmoy’s tribute to his friends Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, fellow peace-makers. I’m sure they are all together now in
a better place.
Peace and Blessings upon you, Sri Chinmoy and my
sympathy goes out to your family and followers.

George in San Francisco


I am still deeply contemplating how a great spiritual Master like him affected me as a young person during my years of tutorship with him in the early eighties. It provided me with invaluable “contrast’ about otherwise ‘no questions asked’ worldly choices we are presented with in Western life.
He was an incredible and great enigma and certainly no hypocrite. I still remember the gentleman , at the time in his late fifties , running marathons. He had extraordinary commitment, concentration and determination to see an idea through.Many monks are quite sedentary and sit long hours . Not this Master – he could and did both (meditation and vigourous athletics).
He never chose the easy way out for himself.
To try and inaugurate a monastic-like meditation centre in New York City of all places or near the downtown areas of other great cities was a challenge which he relished. He constantly sought ways to transcend himself and encouraged others to do the same. A powerful inner life and a dynamic involvement in the outer world were like 2 wings on a bird in his philosophy.


Raoul Bedi
Vancouver, BC
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3 thoughts on “Selected Tributes to Sri Chinmoy II”

  1. Dear Guru,
    In 1971 I answered an ad for “seekers of the infinite truth”. I attended a meditation on your picture, and became your disciple. Every moment of my life I think of you and am lifted by your Light and Vision. I am forever grateful to you.

  2. Dear Guru,
    I was graced by your initiation in 1973, and will forever be grateful. You have changed my life, saved my life, really – in countless ways, seen and unseen. I have almost daily felt your Presence, your influence, your inspiration, your help. Early this summer in looking for songs of inspiration to perform at the local Vedanta Center where I live in Massachusetts, I happened upon some music tracks by Srinvantu, of which I was a member thirty years ago. I was immediately awash in tears of deep joy and gratitude. I remembered the melodies and sometimes every word of Your songs, ones we used to sing in the competitions, in times that I will treasure always, those years that were beautiful dreams. I cried every time I played or sang your music after that. Since then I have sung several of Your songs for kirtans and meditations, and these have always been very graciously received by the Vedanta Center members. In fact, it was during one of their ceremonies that I heard the news of Your Mahasamadhi – and I was so powerfully moved, on behalf of the disciples, my brothers and sisters for whom I felt such sadness – and because of my gratitude for Your bringing me so close before your passing from this world; another proof of Your Love and Compassion. I remember You as the manifestation of those qualities, and of genius; and as the unimaginable height of Consciousness.
    Thank You, Guru. My whole life bows to You, is a song of gratitude to You – for sharing of Yourself, for coming to offer Your help, appreciated or not by this world; and really for giving us all a chance to sample the Nectar of Bliss, to inspire us all to go beyond our limitations, always. Namaste.

  3. I was struck by one of Guru’s poems on the back of Mahavishnu’s albums many years ago. “Above the toil of life, my soul is a bird of fire winging the infinite.” Who is this? I thought. And when the group performed at Winterland in San Francisco I went to see the Mahavishnu Orchestra, After seeing many concerts there, the group seemed at a new level of consciousness I had never seen before from any music group. They were so pure and spirtual with a great deal of passion and intensity. Fast forward a few years later. I was a new disciple and running with another disciple in the foothills of Los Gatos, California. It was a perfect day with 70 mile visibility. This day I had run higher before into the hills at some effort to a seminary overlooking the Santa Clara Valley. On an expansive lawn we stopped and rested. I put my arm across my eyes for a moment and saw a point of blue light on the left side of my screen of vision and was immediately attracted to it. It was a bright blue light in the shape of a bird! With my eyes closed I watched as it glided across from left to right, getting larger as it neared the center and smaller as it flew off to the right. It had very large wings, like an albatross, and seemed to be soaring on an ambrosial breeze.

    Love Prakash

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