Salutations to My Guru

Bhagavan Sri Chinmoy:
Avatar of the era;
Yogi of the highest magnitude;
Sovereign of the Eternal Now.
I bow to You in deep reverence.

Bhagavan Sri Chinmoy:
God of Gods.
Thou who art not the body,
But the manifestation, of a divine power on Earth.
Oh God-man of the ever-transcending beyond.
I bow to You in deep reverence.

Bhagavan Sri Chinmoy:
Mother, Father, Friend and Advocate.
You came to the west in 1964.
At the request of Your Beloved Lord Supreme.
You taught:-The Spirituality of the East,
And the dynamism of the West, must go together;
That Matter has to be,
The conscious expression of the Spirit.
I bow to you in deep reverence.

Bhagavan Sri Chinmoy:
Seer-athlete; poet; artist; musician; weightlifter supreme!
Writer of over 1500 books!
Composer of innumerable devotional songs!
Painter of over 150,000 paintings!
Lifter of over 7000lbs with either hand!
Creator of Soul-birds, Peace-Blossoms, Oneness-Home
Peace Runs, World harmony Runs and Eternal flames,
I bow to You in deep reverence.

Bhagavan Sri Chinmoy:
You taught the ideal of Self-transcendence…….
Going beyond, beyond, into the ever-transcending beyond……
Love, Devotion and Surrender incarnate.
Who placed everything,
At the feet of Your beloved Lord Supreme, saying:-
“In My case, everything is 100% God’s Grace and
God’s compassion”.
I bow to You in Deep reverence.

Oh Mother India, land of Himalayan Souls.
Birthplace of Yoga Maya and Shashi Kumar Ghose,
Parents of ‘Madal’, Chinmoy Kumar Ghose,
Seventh and final son, born August 27th 1931;
Attained Mahasamadhi October 11th, 2007,
I bow to you in deep reverence.

1992. Revised Oct 25, 2007—-Manatita—-

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