Poetic Tributes

My Lord,
How I wish
To be with You
In Heaven!
Do you enjoy
Your Heavenly Rest?


View: “My Lord” By: Doris at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group

“Please forgive me, Father. I have no aspiration, no
Love-Devotion-Surrender today.”

“Aspiration? Love-Devotion-Surrender? Who cares for these things? Give
me whatever you have.”

“I’m sorry Master, but what I have today is nothing you want. Alas,
all I have today is my pathetic orphan-sorrow.”


The Master Thief by Michael at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group


Bhagavan Sri Chinmoy:
Mother, Father, Friend and Advocate.
You came to the west in 1964.
At the request of Your Beloved Lord Supreme.
You taught:-The Spirituality of the East,
And the dynamism of the West, must go together;
That Matter has to be,
The conscious expression of the Spirit.
I bow to you in deep reverence.

Salutations to my Guru by Manatita

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