Inspiration-Letters: Past lives edition

This months edition of Inspiration Letters is focused on the theme of ‘past lives’; a diverse collection of writers offer several different interpretations of what this topic means to them.


Thoughts and memories of past lives – introduction by Mahiruha

 “… My Past Life” could also refer to the life I lived before I encountered Sri Chinmoy, before I started practicing spirituality. I had so many problems!  But, after ten years meditating with Guru, he gave me the name “Mahiruha”. The basic meaning of this name is two-fold: “speed” and “aspiration”. In other words, if I identify myself with my soul’s quality of aspiring speed or fast aspiration, then I don’t have to worry or obsess over my difficulties. By
aspiring sincerely and self-givingly, the problems that once loomed so large in my life will not be able to forever intimidate me….”

Articles in this 22nd edition

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photo: Sharani, Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

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