Giving Meditation Classes

In many different cities, students of Sri Chinmoy offer free meditation classes for people interested in learning the art of meditation.

When learning to meditate, it is highly recommended to associate with other people who have been practising meditation for a while. We can consciously or unconsciously pick up inspiration from the other people who are meditating.

“When four persons do the same thing together they inspire one another. It is like a tug-of-war. When you are meditating with your group, there are four or five persons meditating together against only one person: ignorance, whereas when you meditate at home, you are one individual and ignorance is another individual. “

– Sri Chinmoy (Sri Chinmoy Library)

In this post, Devashishu Torpy explains he grew up learning to meditate and now now teaches meditation classes in his home city of London (London Meditation) and also other places he visits.

I give meditation classes on the authority of my teacher, Sri Chinmoy. I am a seeker, and as part of my spiritual discipline I have been given the opportunity to share my experiences and my limited knowledge with other seekers. That ‘sharing’ plays a vital role in my own journey of self discovery.

Giving Meditation classes by Devashishu

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