Feats of Strength and Inner Peace

The film Challenging Impossibility gives a unique insight into how Sri Chinmoy used weightlifting to inspire other people, and also the link between outer strength and inner peace.


The film is  playing at the Tribeca film festival and has gained significant interest for its inspirational message. In a A Monument to Strength as a Path to Enlightenment, the New York Times reflects on how body builders and weightlifters were drawn to the unusual combination of a Spiritual Teacher and person who lifted heavy weights.

“…Those three — and other bodybuilders like Bill Pearl and Mike Katz — would attend the guru’s lifting exhibitions and were intrigued and inspired by a man of normal size and physique lifting such heavy weight later in life…”

A Monument to Strength, New York Times

The film is directed by Sanjay Rawal and Natabara Rollosson, you can view a short interview at Cinema Blend on the inspiration behind the film.

Sri Chinmoy saw a strong connection between outer strength and the inner peace gained from prayer and meditation.

The Feats of Strength, Pop up Museum, on 18 Jay Street is displaying a small selection of Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting apparatus. See: Pop Up Gallery at Challenging Impossibility.


Photo top: Calf lift – 2,300lbs from 2004 Weightlifting Anniversary.


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