3100 Mile Race – 2008

The 2008 edition of the 3100 Mile Self Transcendence Race is underway in Queens, New York. This year 14 runners began the epic race.

After 11 days, all runners have now passed the 600 mile mark. You can follow the Mileage at – Race Results 2008

The current leader of the race is Asprihanal Aalto who has completed 779 miles

Follow the race at the 3100 Mile Blog

Video of Previous Race Edition from Sri Chinmoy TV

An introduction to the 2006 edition of the 3100 Mile Race.

“On a cool June 11th morning, the longest foot race in the World started in New York City. A record 15 runners from 10 countries entered the event, which is being held for the tenth time. Participants have 51 days to complete the distance. Circling a large city block in Queens, they can run from 6 in the morning until midnight each night….”

Video by: Utpal Marshall. Originally published Sri Chinmoy TV


Asprihanal wins 2007 edition

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